If you research magnesium you will find there are references to over 12 different types. Maybe you’ve heard the hype in recent years about the health benefits. However, if you haven’t please read on. Magnesium is a vital element in the health of our bodies and is used in over 300 processes. Unfortunately, many of us are not getting enough from our food sources. It is possible to find out your magnesium levels through lab tests. If you choose to this you would want to make sure the test measures the intracellular levels, not serum level in the blood. Medications... Read More »


This herb is actually named Andrographis paniculate and according to clinical trials can be useful for bacterial and viral respiratory infections, which would include a cold and sinus infections, as well as possible prevention of the common cold and urinary tract infections. It has also been shown to have protective benefit to the liver. Another interesting possibility is helping with ulcerative colitis. Most of the indications overlap well with traditional uses of Andrographis, which revolved around bowel symptoms, and utilization with a sluggish liver. There are also traditional therapeutic uses for respiratory and skin infections. Studies indicate that it works... Read More »


Vitamin B12 is a water soluble vitamin also known as Cobalamin. This vitamin is getting a little more notoriety in the medical community as it is being recognized for its importance in the body. It is an essential vitamin required by all the systems of the body, including red blood cell formation, DNA synthesis, and metabolism, and when there isn’t enough the symptoms that present can be life altering. One of the most obvious symptoms with a B12 deficiency is fatigue, as this can be related to a type of anemia. Other symptoms you could encounter are: weakness, constipation, loss... Read More »