Special of the Month

Introductory Massage Rate $65.00

If you have not yet experienced the bliss of massage at Awakened Living you are invited to have your first 60 minute massage for $65.00. You can book online or call us to set up the appointment. The rate will be honored upon check out. You will find Samantha to be kind, compassionate and extremely skilled in bodywork to ease your aches and pains and increase your level of relaxation.

Face Reading 10% OFF

Face Reading is a tool for personal growth, one that will help you embrace your strengths and figure out how to best use them.  Think of it as a “Strength Finder” for emotional, physical, and character traits that you employ in the world.  Knowing how you express yourself at your best or worst and also having an understanding of the traits that sabotage you, can assist you in finding that authenticity about yourself and how to keep it in balance in a world full of input. To learn more about Face Reading click here. If you would like to have a... Read More »

 Destress, Relax, and Renew

What you will receive: Package #1: 60 Minute Massage 30 Minute Biomat 1 Bottle of Relax EO 1 Bottle of Stress Zyme Herbal Supplement $125.00 Take time to destress with this package designed to ease your worries and make you feel divine. Your journey begins with a 30 minute biomat session where you are warmed, relaxed, and  propelled toward optimal health. Then, you receive a 60 minute massage that will alleviate worry while delivering you into joy and exaltation. To help sustain your relaxation you receive a bottle of Relax blend essential oil, and an herbal supplement that provides ongoing support for... Read More »