UnLearn:101 Simple Truths for a Better Life, by Humble the Poet, aka Kanwer Singh

As children we learn values and the beliefs our families hold through intentional instruction, or domestication, and others we learn by observing the world around us. Most of this happens before we are seven and are not things we have consciously chosen for ourselves. We learn most of them from our parents, who learned them from their parents, and so on. We tend to follow these guidelines for decades without questioning what we really do believe. Living by the "Rules" Many people go through life living by the rules they were taught, never questioning what they actually believe for themselves. It does... Read More »

The Art of Living Alone & Loving It, by Jane Mathews

Most people at some point in their lives will end up living alone for a period of time.  Granted, there are a few who will never experience this phenomenon- but they are very small in number. Whether it is through the exuberance of experiencing young adulthood for the first time, by choice, by divorce, or by the death of a spouse or partner, this by choice or chance time of your life is not to be made the most of, but to be a fulfilling way of life filled with joy and opportunities. This is the most interesting solo manual... Read More »

Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

This is an incredibly interesting read, even if you aren’t into research. The author, Matthew Walker, breaks down studies in sleep and makes them extremely easy to understand why we do. He goes through the gambit of what can hurt our sleep, what we do during sleep, and how to improve it. He talks about medications and the downsides they present, as well as, how sleep may be the answer to many peoples physical, mental, and emotional issues and why they cannot seem to get past them. You will enjoy this book immensely, without even having to read it all... Read More »