Why We Sleep: Unlocking the Power of Sleep and Dreams

This is an incredibly interesting read, even if you aren’t into research. The author, Matthew Walker, breaks down studies in sleep and makes them extremely easy to understand why we do. He goes through the gambit of what can hurt our sleep, what we do during sleep, and how to improve it. He talks about medications and the downsides they present, as well as, how sleep may be the answer to many peoples physical, mental, and emotional issues and why they cannot seem to get past them. You will enjoy this book immensely, without even having to read it all... Read More »

Gmorning, Gnight by Lin Manuel Miranda

Gmorning, Gnight, Little Pep Talks for Me & You is a wonderful book to have on your night stand!  Before Lin was a house hold name throughout the world, he started writing little lifting comments that he personally needed to hear every morning and night on Twitter.  He changed the pronoun to “YOU” and wrote about a feeling or encouragement that HE really needed that day.  As he became more popular, so did his writings and followers on Twitter.  He was then asked to write a book with a collection of some of his favorites.  He did, and the book... Read More »

Coming to Our Senses: Healing Ourselves and the World Through Mindfulness, by Jon Kabat-Zinn

What does it take for us to “come to our senses”? For that matter, what does that mean, and how can we heal ourselves if we do it? What is this thing called “mindfulness”? Great questions, right? In my father’s time, coming to your senses held an entirely different meaning. If he were here today to give me his version of this phrase’s meaning, it would run along the lines of coming to a more intelligent conclusion and acting on it. In the context of this book, as well as much of Kabat-Zinn’s work, it has more to do with... Read More »