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Face Wash: Osmosis Cleanse

Osmosis is an interesting brand, in a good way.  They are a company that is developing skincare products that are safe to use in oncological conditions.  Which means they are safe for everyone.  Now, everything falls in a spectrum, so if you get a little more intense on products that are specifically for anti-aging the ingredient list shifts a little.  As with any products then you go from no worries about the ingredient list to being a little more discerning about what you are choosing to put on your skin. Luckily, they base their products on a philosophy that deals... Read More »


Tortuga is my absolute most favorite lotion ever, in the whole wide world.  I would say that is a pretty strong statement, and I will stand by it.  As someone who has had various skin issues throughout life this is by far the most moisturizing, and supportive lotion for skin I’ve experienced.  It great for sensitive skin, wonderful for irritations, dry skin, calluses, burns, scrapes, and rashes. This product was one of the original products Keys developed, now made with pharmaceutical grade ingredients in therapeutic proportions.  As the company describes it “Tortuga is truly a universal lotion with so many... Read More »

Mangrove Foaming Shampoo

It’s a big question out there, how do you have fabulous hair without putting chemicals into your body?  How do you get shiny, conditioned, healthy locks without breaking the bank and lathering up with a chemical cocktail?  Having to search through products can be exhausting, reading labels, deciding what’s ok to put on your body versus what is not. Well, we are here to help narrow it down. You’ve heard us talk about Keys products before, because they are fabulously chemical-free and no preservatives, no parabens, no sulfates, and no dimethicone, as well as 100% biodegradable. It has been developed... Read More »