Spiritual, or Soul coaching, is a process which nourishes the deepest part of you containing the essence of who you are-your Spirit, or Soul. Learning more about this important aspect can help you move through your life with greater enrichment and joy. It doesn’t deal with religions, or being religious, but with you, and your connection to your Higher Power, by whatever name you connect with.

You will be able to explore your beliefs, both those that you were given as a child, and those you have developed throughout your life, in a safe environment. Internal conflict and confusion can arise when they don’t seem to match up, or your life experiences have given you another perspective, showing you a different perception of reality than what you were taught as a child.

The Soul is immortal, eternal. As such, it lives on after we die, in both directions of time and space. Each incarnation brings new lessons for the Soul to learn and master. The lifetimes and lessons learned, and not learned, can be great sources of knowledge and healing for us if they are hampering our current life’s healing, and ability to live in joy. It is truly a journey of the Soul, a deeply spiritual journey, helping you gain spiritual wisdom and knowledge beyond anything you’ve ever dreamed. It is a definite part of the mind/body connection, a holistic approach that aids healing in ways you’ve never dreamed possible.

One hour session: $135.00.
Two hour session: $270.00.