When people think of relationships, most think about a life partner. However, we have many other relationships within our lives that may need healing, or are perhaps in need of a better way of interacting within. Relationships within the family, at the workplace, with our closest friends and with those in our social circle all make up the color and texture of our lives, and they can be areas of concern for us from past emotional experiences. Feelings that we repress and have not allowed ourselves to move through never actually leave- they become buried alive within us.  These are the emotions that rise up at the most inopportune times, and we wonder where they came from. Feelings like, “That is so not me! I would never say that!” rise up within us. This is when we need to pay attention, for these are the exact emotions that need healing.

What You Will Take With You

We teach you how the beliefs that we hold originate, uncovering incredible insight into why we relate to others the way we do. This unlocks the patterns of interacting with the world that have long held us prisoner. When you see the pattern and the reason it came into being, things become easier to release. You are then ready to experience life in new ways.