What would it feel like to have someone listen to your needs and meet you where you are, to develop your own nutritional plan and assist you with mastering your eating habits? How would it feel to be connected enough to your body to listen to it and find out exactly what your needs are?  This is what Nutritional Counseling will do for you. In fact, maybe you could look at it as nutritional partnering.  Together we set goals and learn the “why” of nutritional needs, as well as why you desire to create change. Then, we will create a plan to get you where you want to be. This will be a journey together to create lasting change.

The Process

We will start with a thorough written and oral assessment to understand your lifestyle needs, identify your environmental stressors, and develop your short and long-term health goals. You will be asked to participate fully by keeping a food journal, helping orchestrate a remodel of your pantry (if necessary), and mindfully creating your new relationship with food. We’ll have in-depth conversations about what you like and don’t like, as well as what changes you can manage at a given space in time.

If you are someone who has health concerns and are trying to make changes into wellness, our nutritional counseling as well as functional medicine programs are here to support your every step.


Initial Intake 60-90 Minutes            $150.00

Follow Up       60 Minutes                $100.00

Follow Up       30 Minutes                 $50.00