Your assessment begins with an analysis of your current functional body needs, using a non-invasive approach known as Muscle Response Testing. This is a simple response within the body that utilizes the neurogenic reflexes (reflexes originating in the nervous system) and acupressure points. Each of these points connects to a specific organ or function within the body. The innate behavior of our reflexes and nervous system makes this a reliable testing method in which to find the imbalances and weakness we are experiencing. The testing includes finding stressors of the body, which can be food sensitivities, chemicals, metals, immune challenges and scars. If present, these stressors may interfere with your body’s healing ability. Once we have an understanding of the physical stressors in your life, we utilize your body’s responses to choose whole food organic supplementation that will take you to the next level of healing.

What can I expect?

  • Simple non-invasive therapy during which you will be fully clothed
  • Assessment on your personal physical and environmental needs and stressors
  • NO needles or blood work
  • Customized protocols that increase the nutritional intake at a cellular level for your body to promote healing from within
  • A nutritional plan as well as quality whole-food supplements and lifestyle modifications to restore and improve your quality of health and life

How often do I need to be tested?

This testing is to assist you in becoming the healthiest possible version of yourself. After the initial testing, any follow-up consultations will be tailored to your healing needs and goals. Since the body is a dynamic system and always changing, Muscle Response Testing is a tool that can be implemented at any stage in life.


Initial Intake 60-75 Minutes         $100.00

Return Visit   30 Minutes               $50.00