There are many types of massage and most therapists you see will have learned multiple styles. Having knowledge of different techniques will help your therapist create the most healing and therapeutic treatment for your experience. It’s important to communicate with your therapist during the treatment to make sure that you are getting what you need most during your time. Experienced massage therapists will be able to adjust and modify a treatment to meet your needs for both a relaxation and therapeutic session.

About Samantha:
Samantha is a certified massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, reflexology, rehabilitative, Swedish, and pre-natal massage. She brings nine years of experience in which she has been able to help others improve the way they move through their lives.

After graduating from Centerpoint Massage School Samantha was able to focus on rehabilitative therapy while working in conjunction with a chiropractor. This has allowed her to expand her ability and desire to help people alleviate and heal musculoskeletal dysfunction in their body. She has extensive experience treating frozen shoulder, whiplash, chronic pain, as well as trauma from accidents. Such diverse and extensive knowledge translates into a therapeutic, healing experience, every time someone is on her table.

Samantha also loves working with clients throughout their pregnancy, stating, “It is the greatest feeling to help someone in a way that makes them feel so much better”. Typical feedback from her clients includes statements such as, “You massage with love.”

Samantha’s love of massage overflows into the experience on her table. Your experience will be filled with kindness, compassion, healing energy, and therapeutic touch. Whether you are working to feel better and heal an issue or just need time to decompress and stay healthy, Samantha will provide you with a healing massage unlike any you have experienced.

½ Hour Massage $50.00
1 Hour Massage $80.00
1 ½ Hour Massage $100.00