Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back thousands of years and offers its own unique determination of what is creating and sustaining an imbalance in the body. It takes into consideration our environment, our history (physical, emotional, and mental), and our food intake to create a balanced formula. This formula will make energetic changes in our bodies to facilitate healing at a root level. In fact, scientific research now demonstrates that herbs contain active components, which explains many of their claimed energetic actions. Herbal medicine also uses the knowledge that all compounds in a particular herb create the mechanism of action in healing, unlike drugs where one compound is pulled out based on its own individual action.

How To Use

Unlike prescription drugs, herbs are meant to be used on a short-term basis. There are times or unique situations where people may utilize them over longer periods; however, they are meant to help you make adjustments to your health, which means once those changes are made and stable, the herbs are no longer needed.

There are over 450 different substances used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Most are plants in origin, although some are minerals and animal material. Your provider will discuss these substances with you before prescribing so you know what you are taking. Some of the herbs you will be familiar with such as ginger, cinnamon, garlic, peony, or certain mushrooms. Others may be unknown to you. Some substances in the ancient texts are from animals that are endangered; please know that these substances are no longer used in the medicinal formulas created and we are extremely conscientious about our sources.

There are times when we can make substitutions of herbs to fit the needs of the patient’s personal choices and health goals. As you take the herbs, your provider will monitor the changes you are experiencing every step of the way and make any necessary modifications to facilitate the desired outcome.


Initial Consultation 60 Minutes          $100.00

Follow Up                                                $1.00/Minute