These processes aid the body in experiencing coherence between the mind and the heart, facilitated by breathwork. The experiences allow you to actually see how you should be breathing and reward you when you continuously achieve that goal. Some tools monitor your progress over time so that you can see, as well as feel, the physical results. There are several models of devices used in our office. Some are hand held while using, then attached to your waist/belt. Others utilize a computer that tracks multiple issues over time, such as pain and breathing, anxiety and breathing, and so on. We also have tools that can be used with your phone when not in our office.


Knowing the benefits of deeper breathing, and also understanding that most of society has become shallow breathers, HeartMath decided to show just how much this one simple thing- breathing more deeply- could have remarkable results. They tried to think about what the most stressful job might look like, and prison guards came to mind. They made some calls and found a prison where the stress levels were off the charts, morale was extremely low, and there was a perception among the guards that those in authority were against them. Absenteeism was high, and insurance costs were through the roof.

HeartMath researchers showed each guard how to use one of the tools (attached to their belt for easy access), which they were to use every hour, on the hour. This process showed them how to breathe deeply and kept them in that state (coherence) by a series of lights that the guards followed. They were to do this for a prescribed amount of time. (Short, as you can imagine, for they were on the job.) This was the only intervention that was used for a period of one year, but the results were phenomenal! By breathing more deeply, on a regular basis, the guards improved their health (as shown by doctor visits and fewer sick days), the morale increased, and the perception that those in authority were against them vanished. Furthermore, an average of over $700 per person was saved on insurance/medical costs throughout the course of that year. Increased awareness around your breathing is a wonderful way to increase your health- and breathing is free!

We also carry several tools that can be purchased to help you continue to achieve a more stress-free lifestyle.