If you are out of balance in one area of your body, it may affect a cascade of factors, creating symptoms that show up in another area of your body.  Consider, for instance, cholesterol. Is it simply a cardiovascular disorder? Our bodies are designed to work together as a systematic whole to create harmony and health. Taking the body apart and looking at one piece outside of the whole can create more disorder, leading to more chaos within. What good does it do to simply get the symptom to go away if it is going to come back or pop up in another area?

Health is a dynamic that is created when everything is working together in harmony, and it is a concept that goes further than just the prevention of chronic disease. This approach personalizes and empowers you in your journey of health and healing. It incorporates the latest genetic science, systems biology, and understanding of environment and lifestyle factors that influence overall health. This gives you the opportunity to become an active participant in your own health.

This process focuses on why you have disharmony and how can we restore function by supporting your body naturally. The starting point is as simple as getting a complete blood panel taken or bringing in one that is less than three years old. The process involves finding what your body needs to be in that state of immense vitality. We look at what markers are out of balance that your body is sending as a signal. From there we create a plan that will address your internal as well as external environments. This can include nutritional changes, supplementation, stress management tools, and much more.

If you are ready to be an active participant in your health and launch yourself into immense vitality, this is the place for you.