Benefit of Essences

Unlike medications, flower essence do not work on physical pathways of the body, and they are not intended to treat or cure medical conditions. However, they emit particular frequencies that work on the energy fields of the body, thereby addressing emotional and mental precursors to illness and stress. In mind-body medicine, these can be the root of physical disease. Flower essences are used to enhance awareness by helping someone identify and transform feelings, thought processes, and attitudes affecting their lives. Used over time, flower essences help you become more in touch with your body and aware of your thoughts and experiences, and they allow creativity to flow. By stimulating awareness of aspects of our lives, such as conflicts and challenges, they empower our ability to work through the obstacles toward health and personal growth.

The use of flower essence will enhance the path to wellness and allow you to live a more present and fulfilled life versus just suppressing pain and symptoms you experience.