This style of Acupuncture revolves around finding a way to be centered in the heart and live open to infinite possibilities. To teach us to shift our perception from outward desires to an internal spiritual journey that will allow the world we live in to manifest in beauty all around us. Our world is created from vibration, so it teaches a way of moving through life with an awareness of those frequencies. It assists us in recognizing the connection of vibrations that surround us to how it expresses itself through us and to us.

Would you like to be guided and find the shift you need to live where you are able to fully discern and create a more heart centered way of being. One that begins with you and ripples into everything you do and everyone you meet.   This type of acupuncture emphasizes wellness and recognizes that even physical pain begins from a spiritual, mental, and emotional source. And when we begin to deal with our lives from that level all things are possible.

Esoteric Acupuncture is process of opening up from your heart center. The first three treatments help you find alignment and foundation in your personal spiritual journey and begin the process of opening you higher vibrations and frequencies. This is done in conjunction with you doing your internal work along the way, . After the first three sessions, each treatment can be tailored to a specific need, stagnant area of life, struggle, or focus toward higher alignment of self to Source.



Initial Intake 120 Minutes                               $270.00

Follow Up Treatment 60 Minutes                $180.00