Corporate wellness is not a new concept, and yet it may bring up different perspectives regarding what should be included within a business. With the stressors in our modern world, corporate programs around wellness are in high demand. Since there is no set way to do this, many feel at a loss as to where they should begin, or what the next steps should be.

Wellness goes beyond financial, nutritional and exercise, which are included in many of the current programs. Research shows that stress pervades people’s lives, affecting productivity, creativity, and relationships at work, as well as at home. Without ways to deal with this key factor, individuals suffer, but so does the work environment and culture.

Our programs address many facets that are often overlooked. Whenever we help the individual, we help the corporation. We deal with the mind, body, and connections to self and others. We give tools that can help in real time, starting now.

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Part One
Stress: The Silent Killer

Part Two
Stress: What Can I Do About It?

Part Three
SAD, Depression, and Anxiety: Real Issues. Real Answers

*At each of these seminars, tools for stress reduction will be shown, and where time permits, may be tried out.

Emotional Awareness

Creating Emotional Wellness in the Workplace

How Do Past Experiences Affect Current Outcomes?

Nourishment for Optimal Function

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Mindfulness Matters

Time Management

Fear- The Silent Pervasive Saboteur

Play- The Fuel of Creativity

Inclusion and Integration in Workplace Culture

Communication Skills: Beyond First Impressions

The Power of Conscious Language