Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes acupuncture, is highly individualized.  For example, if ten people came in with the western diagnosis of insomnia, each of those individuals could potentially have a completely different treatment plan.  Insomnia is simply a symptom of a greater imbalance in one’s system, and that imbalance can root itself in many different places. Not to mention, each person has their own characteristics and other lifestyle factors that play a role in how their health presents itself. TCM takes into consideration everything about one’s life to determine the most effective treatment.

How It Works

It’s not simple! However, it can be best explained by telling you a few basics about the theory. Acupuncture works with fourteen main meridians of qi, or “Universal Life Force Energy,” that flow in a distinct pattern in the body. If this energy is in balance, meaning there is enough of it and it is getting where it needs to be in smooth and harmonious flow, you will experience a healthy body, low stress, emotional stability, mental clarity, and a spiritual connection. When the current of qi becomes out of balance and you either don’t have enough or it is getting stuck somewhere in the body, there are symptoms of pain, emotional disturbance, mental restlessness, and disconnection to those around you (just to name a few things that can go awry). Acupuncture is then used as an internal guidance system. The needles are used to communicate with the body and the qi and advise how to rectify the situation and get back in balance. Let’s take a light switch, for example.  If flipped off, there is no current to turn on the light. When turned on, however, the electricity flows freely to the light, allowing it to shine. This is similar to using a needle at a specific point.

Now let’s address how acupuncture would work if you used it proactively. This is much simpler, because it actually helps you maintain balance in your body. Have you ever heard the term homeostasis? It’s about keeping balance by simply making small adjustments. Who wouldn’t prefer that to facing pain, anxiety, depression, memory issues and disconnection?

Acupuncture is a safe and effective system of integrative medicine. There are very few side effects, and it works well in conjunction with other treatments. The World Health Organization (WHO) endorses acupuncture as a treatment for over two hundred symptoms and diseases.


Initial Intake 150 minutes                                                                                $270.00

Follow Up Treatment  75 minutes                                                                   $135.00

All acupuncture treatments include dietary recommendations, Tui na, cupping, or gua sha.