Product Lines

At Awakened Living we have consciously chosen each product line that we utilize in our practice. Whenever possible we have chosen 100% organic and chemical free. Our choices reflect our belief of being good stewards of the earth, supporting the environment of our bodies as well as the soil, air, and life around us. See All »

Essential Oils

The oil of the month features a specific oil its uses and properties which effect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  We recommend to always use 100% organic essential oils to maintain the integrity of the healing properties.  Oils can be applied topically and used aromatically for therapeutic usage. See All »


The use of food as medicine is not a new concept.  Everything we put in our bodies does something for us or against us.  With so many choices in the store and new information about the effects of food on health it can be tough to weed through.  What can we add that will create a healthy palate that is is sustainable for each of us?  The food of the month is just an introduction or a little more insight on why certain foods act as medicine or how tweaking the foods that we do eat can provide us with more nutrition. See All »


We at Awakened Living believe that having a safe space to discuss new ideas and thought processes is important.  So we have incorporated the book of the month discussion.  A new book will be listed every month that people can read at their leisure and once a month we will have a two hour session discussing thoughts, feelings, and revelations that the book provided. See All »

header_circles-38Beauty Products

In a world full of chemical overload finding beauty products that actually work and are good for you can be a struggle.  We at Awakened Living are fully committed to keeping our lives as toxin free as possible and want to help you find solutions to do the same for yourself.  Our product of the month will always be chemical free or organic, made fresh, and safe for your body, to include your skin, organs, hormones and cells.  Two of the product lines we recommend for face and body are Keys and BeautyCounter. See All »


Supplements can be confusing and overwhelming, to say the least: the mystery around them about what to take, when to take them, and do we need them.  There’s a lot of information floating around our there and just how do we determine what’s right for us?  If you have questions and have not consulted a health care provider that would be a great start.  If you are using supplements currently we recommend that you make sure you are getting a quality product.  We at Awakened Living recommend, when possible, to get supplementation that is whole food based or is created by a reputable company that will honor the integrity of the plants and foods that supplements are derived from.  Each month we will be helping you explore supplements you may not be aware of and their benefits.  This section is for education purposes only and is not meant as a prescription or recommendation.  Each person is different and has different needs, please consult a health care professional for supplementation usage. See All »