Turkey Tail

Trametes Versicolor is a fungus, given the common name of Turkey Tail due to its colorful stripes and flowing edges that give it the look of turkey plumage.   As with other fungi, it has been used in Chinese Medicine for thousands of years and is now becoming a well-researched mushroom for many reasons.

Immune Support tops the list for this fungi.  There have been studies ranging from Cancer, HIV, Leukemia, and HPV.

An element of the mushroom (a polysaccaropeptide called “PSP”) has been shown as anti-viral in HIV studies.  Showing that it inhibits the replication of the virus.

An extract of this mushroom (PSK) has been used to produce a medication in Asia used in treating cancer.  Results of a couple studies show that people who used it were less likely to have reoccurrences and better survival rates.  The extract seems to target cancer cells and make them more susceptible to chemotherapy, while protecting healthy cells.  This is the key to its magic, “protecting healthy cells”.  The same element has been studied for its anti-microbial ability as well.  If you recall from seeing your doctor and having an infection of any kind antibiotics are anti-microbials, so it’s a natural way to fight microorganisms from producing in your system.

In 2012 the National Institute of Health (NIH) along with Bastyr University (with an OK from the FDA) began researching Turkey Tail for the exact same reasons. Because it appears to supercharge your immunity.

Basically, mushrooms are food.  We eat food.  Eat mushrooms.  Turkey Tail also comes in supplement form, Host Defense being the highest quality we have come across, organic and sustainable.  You can find them well stocked in our office or if you live out of the area they have their own website.

Health and Healing to you all!