The Art of Living Alone & Loving It, by Jane Mathews

Most people at some point in their lives will end up living alone for a period of time.  Granted, there are a few who will never experience this phenomenon- but they are very small in number. Whether it is through the exuberance of experiencing young adulthood for the first time, by choice, by divorce, or by the death of a spouse or partner, this by choice or chance time of your life is not to be made the most of, but to be a fulfilling way of life filled with joy and opportunities. This is the most interesting solo manual I have read on living alone and loving it!

About the Author

Jane Mathews lives in Australia and it is refreshing to explore the lifestyle of the single human from her perspective.  She writes about the single experience from an informative worldwide stance, having traveled all over the world for her career in advertising.  She came about the unanticipated single life through divorce and she tells it like it is while giving candid tips about navigating your way through various areas of living the solo life.

Navigating the Solo Life

Each chapter of the book covers topics to help you create a life rich in possibilities with laugh out loud humor and down to earth honesty. Topics range from:

  • What living alone looks and feels like and what to expect
  • The mental strength and shifts it takes in this new territory
  • Relationships: which ones do you want? How the ones you have change, and how to navigate this uncharted territory moving forward
  • Staying healthy- after all, isolation increases your chances of health issues and even death
  • Cooking for one- this is a great chapter as most cook books list the smallest meals as meals for two
  • Finances- tips on all your financial concerns and needs
  • Your home- it has a lot to do with how you feel about yourself so make it a place you enjoy being! Decorating and clutter tips as well as DIY maintenance tips abound!
  • Doing things by yourself- you’d be amazed how many people have NEVER done something alone- like eat out or go to a movie!There is a courage the single life requires that is to be admired. She also talks about self-development.
  • Solo Spirituality- developing your own inner wisdom and courage. Finding ways to listen to your own intuition.  Thinking about your fears and death and therefore your life and how you want to live it.
  • Taking action- contentment, living bold, believing in yourself and starting new every morning!

It’s a great read, and she writes with such humor and zest for life that reading it is fun.  If you live alone, this is a book that covers just about everything you need to think about to create a fantastic life for yourself!