Did you know that current American diet, is critically lacking variety as well as nutrient dense options that provides our bodies with a foundation of health? It is extremely challenging to get a full spectrum of necessary nutrients from whole foods, particularly if your diet is also seeded with inflammatory foods such as sugar, dairy, wheat, and soy. If you were to supplement with each individual vitamin and mineral to try and fill the gaps would take all day just to get them in your body.  That’s why multivitamins are important option to look at when we discuss how to create a nutritious platform for you and your body to function from.

There are a multitude of options for multivitamins and the availability is plenty.  However, they have their own unique struggle when it comes to quality.  As we’ve discussed ad nauseum quality is always an issue in the supplement industry.  So much, that becoming educated and choosing wisely about them gives each of us a better approach to our health physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.  Why spend money on something that does you no good, which describes many vitamins you find on the shelf. According to Nutrition Business Journal people spend more than $5 billion a year just on multivitamins.

Multi’s have such a wide array of substances that trying to put them together can be problematic. One such issue is that when the tablets are compressed they don’t have the ability to be broken down. Therefore, when you ingest them your body cannot process them because they won’t come apart, so you are essentially transporting the tablet instead of utilizing it.

As you’ve heard many times supplements are not necessarily subject to standards, so what you see on the label is not exactly what you get.  There may be products that give less than or more than what is listed, or leave out something altogether.

At Awakened Living we rely heavily on two products, not to say there aren’t many more quality items out in the world.   First off, we carry Catalyn by Standard Process.  This is a whole foods based supplement that provides a naturally occurring array of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that all work synergistically to provide a basis of daily nutrition.  It’s a simple formula that can easily be digested by the body while providing essential nutrients in a natural wholesome way.  Standard Process holds to quality control standards applied to pharmaceutical manufacturers therefore, providing a clean quality product.

The second product we love that falls in this category is produced by Apex Energetics that covers an entire gambit of needs. It’s called ClearVite-CLA and is a powder that is easily mixed with water or smoothies to be drank.  The taste is actually quite refreshing and the powder mixes extremely well so there is very little gritty texture or granules left to be swallowed. This was formulated for a much broader scope of needs.  It hits all the basic needs of a multivitamin, as well as utilizing collagen based proteins, targeting amino acids, and supports liver, GI, and sugar metabolism.  If you are looking to minimize your supplement cabinet this product has you covered.  Apex surpasses the standards of Prop 65 which in an initiative started in California to monitor and label all products that contain chemicals that are toxic, both naturally occurring and synthetic.

Remember, nutrition is important for all the needs of the body, including emotional and mental.  If you are taking a multivitamin make sure it passes quality control standards that are in your benefit so you are not just going through the motions of trying to be healthy, but actually doing something to obtain that for yourself.

May you all have healthy days ahead!