Gmorning, Gnight by Lin Manuel Miranda

Two women reading on a rock in the snowGmorning, Gnight, Little Pep Talks for Me & You is a wonderful book to have on your night stand!  Before Lin was a house hold name throughout the world, he started writing little lifting comments that he personally needed to hear every morning and night on Twitter.  He changed the pronoun to “YOU” and wrote about a feeling or encouragement that HE really needed that day.  As he became more popular, so did his writings and followers on Twitter.  He was then asked to write a book with a collection of some of his favorites.  He did, and the book is delightful!

On the left-hand page is a pep talk for your morning, and on the right is a pep talk to tuck you in bed with encouragement and comfort.  The theme of the two pages match, and it reminds me of the wonderful feelings you get from reading Shel Silverstein’s writings. They make you feel good- and more than that- they make you feel connected to something other than yourself.

These feel good messages are not new. Years ago, Mike Dooley was working with his brother in a shirt shop that had inspirational sayings on them.  That went belly up, so he started sending emails with encouraging messages in them from “The Universe”.  They were well received by everyone.  Later you could sign up for them and they would start your day with a message that just always seemed to be picked specifically for you!  The website is still up and running. It is  These thoughts have been made into many books over the years, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to read them, they are wonderful too!

We all need a little more connectedness in the world right now.  More encouragement and comfort wouldn’t hurt either.  Both authors have short daily inspirations that will help you realize just how wonderful you really are!

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