Geranium Rose, Pelargonium graveolens

This beautiful combination comes to us (Awakened Living) from Floracopeia essential oil, by the simultaneous distillation of leaves of rose geranium along with fresh Damascus rose petals. Rose geranium has a unique aroma that seems to draw some people in while it may set some people back. The underlying hints of rose can bring up different experiences for many of us.


It is thought that using this oil will promote attraction and love into life, which will grow with continued use. It is felt to be uplifting and assist in transition, particularly with the feelings of grief and sadness. Overall, it helps with moving through stress at any level.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine rose geranium is used to move stagnation. Which often can coincide with feelings of stress and feeling stuck in life. For this reason it can also be used in harmonizing a woman’s cycle. Stagnation during menses can bring up many symptoms that will cause bleeding to vary, increase cramping, and change the duration of your period. The emotions we experience during PMS, particularly frustration, anger, and depression can all be symptoms of a stagnation or energy that needs to be moved.

Applied to the skin it can soothe and rejuvenate. Because there are astringent properties in this oil it is thought it can help reduce wrinkles as well by tightening the area.

How To Use

You can use this oil as a perfume, via diffusion, in a massage oil, or a spritz for the air.


Do not take internally. Do not put in eyes or mucous membranes.