Face Wash: Osmosis Cleanse

Osmosis is an interesting brand, in a good way.  They are a company that is developing skincare products that are safe to use in oncological conditions.  Which means they are safe for everyone.  Now, everything falls in a spectrum, so if you get a little more intense on products that are specifically for anti-aging the ingredient list shifts a little.  As with any products then you go from no worries about the ingredient list to being a little more discerning about what you are choosing to put on your skin. Luckily, they base their products on a philosophy that deals with the whole body.  So when you look at their cleanser, they have created a product that will safely and effectively cleanse your skin without toxins, without stripping it of its’ natural protection, all without drying it out.  All the while, they have taken into account why it’s important to keep that natural protective barrier for the health and radiance of your face to the health of your organs.

Osmosis Cleanse is vegan, gluten-free, and a little bit stimulating with a bit of peppermint.  It’s effective in its removal of dirt providing a purifying experience with a refreshed, hydrated look for you.  The point of keeping your face clean is to give your skin the opportunity to detoxify, enhance DNA repair or cellular repair by providing skin with more oxygen, and to keep pores clean so they won’t clog and give you acne or zits.  This process does not have to be extravagant, however it does need to be followed.  In fact, your skin goes through a cycle just like the rest of your body.

Why is it important to wash your face?

  1. In the morning washing sloughs away the dead skin cells from overnight repairs.
  2. At night it allows the skin to breath and repair.

Both of those processes help us look more radiant and allow our skin to maintain the appearance of youth.

Osmosis believes in treating the skin by aiming at the origin of imbalances someone might face. They believe in supporting the natural cycles of the skin in a way that heals without causing inflammation.  This is important from a holistic view of health for our entire bodies, as well as helping us age gracefully and maintaining a radiant appearance at any age.

Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash