When growing chaga looks like rot or a burnt nub on the side of a tree.  The outside is black, however when broken open the inside is a beautiful rust color.  Now that I’ve painted a colorful picture how do you feel about ingesting this fungus?  Then I called it a fungus, so now I’m sure it sounds totally appealing to ingest.  I ask, at this point, that you don’t be too quick to judge how it sounds because this shroom has some mighty benefits.  Also good news, you don’t have to eat it, you can take it as a supplement.

Let’s dissect the benefits of this beauty, because you will be fascinated!  Traditionally this mushroom was made into a tea to treat TB, ulcers, and liver cancer.  Modern research has shown the reason it probably benefited these diseases is that it effects the immune system by forming antibodies and if needed or slows downs the production of white blood cell activity if needed.  I always find it amazing how “smart” nature is, the fact that it can regulate our bodies to do what is best for our healing by simply ingesting them.  After you put them in they do what they need to do to make things better without outside direction.

Another incredible fact about this fungus is that it concentrates a chemical component from birch bark (where it mostly grows) called betulin.  Betulin has been studied in treating malignant melanoma, it has been shown to completely inhibit tumors implanted in mice. (I know, I know, testing on animals is terrible.) Let’s look at what it means though, it stopped the tumors from growing AT ALL, as well as causing the death of the cancer cells that were implanted. Pretty profound huh?  Wonder why we aren’t hearing this information on a daily basis?  Me too, but here it is.

Also, interesting to point out that In 1955 Russia had approved this as an anti-cancer drug to treat breast, lung, cervical, and stomach cancers.  In 1996 research showed it provided anti-viral activity against HIV and influenza.

Chaga is a powerful addition to support the immune system.  We carry this in supplement form from Host Defense.  Organically grown, mindfully processed every step of the way, and a reputable company that is working to heal the world from people to the environment.  If you are interested in looking into this beneficial item we are here to help.