Full Programs List

We at Awakened Living offer a variety of programs developed for the sole purpose of helping you live life as the best version of yourself.  Each program is designed to offer you treatments, tools, information, several means of support, and an action plan to address issues concerning your emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual self.  Each will give you optimal success both within the program and after completion.

You may decide if you want to experience this over the course of a four to six week time frame or as a five-day intensive treatment program (which works especially well if you are flying in for the program).

Below you will find a description of some of our programs.  You can check our calendar to find out which are available at any given time.

Stress Reduction and Management

Does your life feel out of control, as though your time is dominated by an ever-growing to-do list? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are your body and mind struggling to maintain a feeling of anything other than overwhelmed? Has making a decision become unmanageable? If you feel that any of these questions describe you, then this program will provide answers to all that you are feeling and desiring for your life.


Do you know what you believe, or have you accepted the beliefs given to you by your family? Do you know what qualities you want to embody in this life? Do you feel that you are living your authentic life using all of your potential? In this program we will look at how our beliefs began when we were children and how many of them no longer serve us. You will be given tools to consciously choose your true beliefs so you can begin to live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Communication: Body Language and Face Reading

Communication begins long before someone opens their mouth. Would you like to be better able to understand someone on a deeper level? So much can be learned from someone’s body language. Our experiences present themselves in how we carry and hold ourselves, as well as the lines and symmetry that become etched in our faces. In this program you will learn to read and understand the meanings behind postures and the facial map.

Mindfulness: Moving Through Life One Moment at a Time

Awareness is more than what your brain is processing at any given moment. How aware are you of the emotions moving through your body? Do you have trouble focusing on the moment at hand? Is your mind always racing to the future or stuck in the past? Do you focus on “When this happens, I’ll be happy,” repeatedly delaying your happiness in life? In this program you will learn how living in the moment can be life changing.

Play: Having the Time of Your Life

When was the last time you carved out time for yourself to relax, enjoy, and laugh in life? In your mind, is play something only children do? Do you believe you deserve to take time away? In this program you will learn the importance of joy and how to rewire your brain for it.

Pain: Moving Beyond Suffering

This program is for anyone who suffers from emotional, physical, mental or spiritual pain. There are messages in the location of our pain, and once we learn what our bodies want us to know, the pain can be lessened or eliminated. We will cover all areas of your life and give you tools to move beyond suffering.

Trauma: Creating a New Blueprint for Life

Anyone can experience trauma or posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  Have you had an experience that changed your perception of or function in the world, after which life was no longer the same? Has this event made it more challenging to show up in your life? Traumatic experience may cause physical symptoms to arise. This program will help you understand the messages in the physical manifestation of trauma. We will look at all areas of your life to help you move through and past this event.

Framework for Embodying Wellness

What does it mean to be well? In this program we will examine the components in your life that are the foundation for wellness. We will cover nutrition, stress, time management, emotional awareness, environment, and belief systems. We will also delve into your beliefs around fear and how it affects your life.

Change: Fear Me No More

How do you feel about change? Does it fill you with excitement or scare you?  This program examines fear to help you more fully understand what may be holding you back. We will look at roadblocks to change that we create in our minds. You will grow to realize that change can be opportunity as well as excitement.

Repetitive Patterns: Breaking Through the Barriers

Do things in your life seem to always fall apart at the exact same point in multiple scenarios?  Do you find that you sabotage your own wellbeing? In this program we will examine why this happens and how you can move past it and into empowerment. Be prepared to experience movement in your life.

Weight Release

When we lose something – say, our car keys – our brain is hardwired to find them, no matter what. Often it cannot settle down until this lost item is found. It is this way with losing weight also. The brain thinks, “Oh, five pounds lost! I must find them! Better yet, I’ll find a few more, just to be safe!” and so it goes. Because of this phenomenon, we teach Weight Release, a process of letting go of, or releasing the weight. Through this process, using guided imagery, the real emotional issues around the excess weight will be revealed, healed, and released. A nutritional component and acupuncture are also incorporated into your individualized Weight Release program. You will learn how to feed your body what it really needs and break the old emotional eating patterns. You will learn how stress affects your eating, as well as about the outside and inside forces that perpetuate certain cycles and how they can be broken once and for all.

Mastery of What You Can Control

Do you find yourself frustrated when things don’t go exactly as you had planned?  Does delegating make you crazy? Do you feel overly responsible for everything?  Is it hard for you to trust others to do what they say they will, or to be there? What do you feel will happen if plans fall apart? Do these types of scenarios stress you? This program will allow you to see what you can really control in life and what you cannot. You will gain an understanding of what will happen to you physically if you continue in this mindset. You will gain insights and tools to find true liberation.


There are all types of addictions in this world.

Some include:

  • Food addictions and disorders
  • Sugar
  • Chemicals such as alcohol, tobacco, and drugs
  • Sex
  • Being Sick
  • Exercise
  • Gambling
  • Work
  • Drama
  • Codependency
  • Approval
  • Adrenaline/Risk Taking
  • Attention
  • Power
  • Ego
  • Hoarding
  • Relationships
  • Electronics
  • Money

If you find yourself in any of these categories, this program will help you.  We’ve established a comprehensive approach that will look at all aspects of your life to create more balance. We will look at how you view yourself and what “normal” looks like. There will be focus on change and patterns in your life. Self-care is emphasized through nutrition, stress management, communication, mindfulness and more. Time will be spent talking about what you believe you deserve in life. Relationships will be examined to see how they are affected by addictive behavior. This program also includes guided imagery therapy to help you move past your addictions into freedom.

Journey into Life: Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Beyond

An integrative program that explores an expanded view of the month-by-month development of your child, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level and from an Eastern medicine viewpoint. This program will also cover childbirth and labor as well as restoring your health after birth.

Romantic Relationships

Forget about Venus and Mars; let’s talk about romance made in Heaven. Do you find yourself struggling in relationships, wondering whether to stay or go? Which relationships are meant to last, and which are meant to just learn from and move on? What role does communication play in your relationships? How about trust?  Do you withhold or share too much? Are there old patterns getting in the way of creating something new? This program will discuss all of this, as well as the “different levels” of relationships and understanding where you are in a partnership. Exploration of biological, spiritual, mental, and emotional differences within relationships in a safe environment is paramount to this program.

Relationships and Communication

This program takes a look at all relationships and communication styles within them. It examines boundaries, trust (what it is and who has it), vulnerability, body language, conflict, expectations, reality and perceptions, power, problem solving, and more. Relationships within the family are addressed, for this is where most lessons in life occur. We will also talk about same sex versus opposite sex friendship.


This is a mind-bending experiential program that will completely change your perception of time. The way that you look at the face of a clock will never be the same. Come have fun, and leave forever changed.

Practical Application of Time

Does time seem to get away from you? Does your to-do list seem longer than the amount of time you have in a day? Would you say that everything on your list is really a high priority? In this program we will take a look at what is really important to us. We will weed out those things that have just become busyness in our lives. Your top priority is really you. Does your life reflect this? What is essential in your life…and is it on your schedule?

Guided Imagery

Are you a therapist, minister, social worker, or someone who works in hospice? If so, you may be interested in our certified guided imagery therapist program. This in-depth program will give you background information on the history of guided imagery. You will learn how to create your own guided imageries for your clients.  You will learn the difference between passive and interactive guided imagery, and be responsible for learning how to do both. This course will contain both written and oral examinations with a hands-on approach throughout the entire process.

Guided Imagery: One Step Further

In the guided imagery course you learned how to do the process of guided imagery. This program takes that knowledge a step further. You will learn the processes involved in running a guided imagery practice. Questions and insights will be shared to help you take your practice to the next level. Both practical and experiential knowledge will be shared.


Few people enjoy conflict, yet it is something that is a given in life. This program examines all aspects of conflict: patterns within relationships, communication styles, expectations, trust issues, and domestications learned in our family of origin. We will address belief systems, inner dialogue, and the various levels of conflict.


Do you trust? Whom do you trust? Do you trust yourself? This program explores what trust looks like in human relationships, in its many forms and at its various levels.

Another important aspect of trust is do you trust in the Divine? How does trust differ in these two areas? Which one are you more comfortable with? Or does the idea of trust give you goosebumps?


Sleep. Are you getting any? If not, do you know why? This program speaks to the components in life that must come into alignment in order to achieve quality sleep. One cannot be healthy or stress free without adequate sleep. Sleep hygiene will be discussed as well as the mind-body connection, nutrition, and movement. Both sides of the sleep spectrum will be addressed: too little sleep or too much. You will leave with your own sleep hygiene action plan.

Spiritual Evolution I

Are you seeking a deeper understanding of your spiritual self? Is there something missing in your life and you’re looking for something more? How do you experience God or the Divine in your life? This program explores the spiritual quest, helping you to find a higher level of understanding of and connection to your spirit. The concepts of angels and guides will be studied. What does a spiritual walk mean to you? Are you ready to make time for it in your life?

Spiritual Evolution II

Do you have a spiritual practice and a strong connection, yet have come upon some bumps on the road on your spiritual walk? In this program we will address breaking through lifetime patterns. We will also explore some popular topics in books, such as children’s memories of heaven covered in Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book Memories of Heaven, as well as Dr. Brian Weiss’s books on past life regression.

Family: Dealing with Dynamics Within

Family dynamics can bring some of the greatest joys on Earth, yet at the same time can feel like walking through a minefield. A plethora of emotions abound inside the family unit. This program will examine the domestications we were taught as children and how those shape our current life and family. We’ll discuss birth order, trust issues, boundaries, codependency and addiction, shame and guilt, expectations, the importance of play, communication, the importance of our words and what your child actually hears, patience, self-care within the family, and children’s face reading. Upon completion you’ll have a much deeper understanding of the family dynamic.

Mind-Body Connection

Are you aware that the heart sends more messages to the brain than the brain sends to the heart? So what does this mean for you? The body feels an emotion long before the brain registers what that emotion is. How can knowing this help you?  This program will explore where different emotions are felt inside your body, and for each of us this will be different. We will address what the location of pain in your body means and what information that holds for you. We will talk about mindfulness and the process of awareness. Topics range from stress, sleep, eating, coherence, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), spiritual connection, and more.

Living Your Limitless Possibilities

Do you believe that all things are possible? That your opportunities are limitless?  Are your thoughts mostly negative or positive? How about your language, the words that you speak? All of these things combine to determine whether your life is inspired and unstoppable or full of potholes. In this program you will be working from your strengths, learning how your language, your level of trust, your courage and fearlessness work together. We will also talk about your inner guide (or intuition) and creativity and how to use all of these in combination to live an inspired life.

Gift of a Year

This program was developed to help people live life more fully, joyfully, and consciously. So often we just muddle through life, not making choices that will bring more joy and “a life beyond our wildest dreams” kind of living. This course gives you life-changing tools that will help you see your life and your choices differently and make changes that last a lifetime!

Advanced Self-Awareness: Meditation Never Felt So Good

Is your meditation practice in a rut? There are as many different ways to meditate as there are people. This program will help you become the objective observer. We will explore how you feel in your body. We will teach you multiple ways of meditating. There is no one right way to do it or one right position. We will explore emotional intelligence and living authentically and what that looks like for you. We will talk about sacred language, mantras, mudras, and malas.

Viewing Your Language as Sacred

When you do something others might view as a mistake, is your self-talk “What an idiot?” If so, how do those words make you feel about yourself? Our thoughts – our words – are a huge part of creating a life that we desire…or one we don’t. Are you saying you want one thing in your life and yet getting another? Our subconscious can actually get in the way of what we think we want. This program is geared toward helping you be consciously aware of the language you use in the world and internally. Your life will change dramatically throughout the program.