Do you have a secret about yourself that you kept tightly under wraps? Something you don’t want anyone to know about because, at its core it is really a truth about your very own essence? Maybe you hide that you are a really caring person, because if people knew they might take advantage of you. Or you are afraid to outwardly show you care because there is always the chance that you may get hurt if you do so?

I have held a truth close to me for quite a bit of my lifetime. Partly because I was afraid of it, partly because I did not want to be seen as the weird and crazy one in life if I let out this little secret of mine.

However, one day, I met this remarkable, beautiful, successful, caring, compassionate woman who changed my life. We became friends, shared the same interests, and I always felt open with her to share whatever my heart needed to unburden in any given moment. She, in turn, was always there to listen non-judgmentally, accept me, honor me, and hold space for me to be and do whatever I needed in that moment.

I have watched this woman grow as a person as well during our friendship. What I have seen is someone who lives their life with an unparalleled level of honor, integrity, truth, and unconditional love. This is her walk in life each day from the time she rises until she closes her eyes at night. She is discerning, yet caring, loving, yet firm, compassionate, yet understands what it means to hold someone accountable. The depth of life, of emotions, of love that I have learned from this woman is boundless and endless.

I am telling you this is because that little secret I have held so dear is beginning to come out. It is doing so because of this marvelous mentor that I have in my life. I no longer hoard this truth about myself and it no longer scares me.   I have also fully accepted that I may be the weird one and I am ok with that as well.

Here’s what has happened though, as I have released my control of keeping this truth of mine hidden. I find that I am happier, I am moving through life with more ease, I am more positive, more loving, more giving, more open because I no longer fear what others will think of me.

What truth about yourself are you keeping hidden? What do you fear so deeply that you will walk through life hoarding it and never letting it shine forth? And tell me dear friend, what would it look like to let it out? What would it feel like to let go of the need to hide who you are? How would that change your life? I can tell you one final thing that happened to me. I learned what the true definition of freedom is. I hope you too can find your freedom.