What the World Needs Now, Is Love- and Sweet Kindness

board with a heart, the word LOVE, and a message saying Enjoy the little things
I don’t know about you, but these days I mute the ads that focus on the elections when all they do is bash someone. Some of them can feel like a physical blow to the senses as well as to the body. During election years, it seems that the commercials on TV put out by the candidates can be so rude and demeaning. Then the voting day comes, and it used to be that the negativity would end until the next election.

That just isn’t happening anymore. The bashing and negativity isn’t stopping.

 When I see and hear what is happening all around me, I grieve- deeply. I grieve for the children who are being exposed to this rude behavior coming from the adults in their lives, and I pray for them and the parents who are trying to teach them how to treat others. I have heard so many young children who are learning that what is happening isn’t ok. That is amazing in this time! When you see anyone who is supposed to represent our country or is in any kind of office, or running for any kind of public office name calling and bashing anyone else, it is cause for alarm. Name-calling is inappropriate under any and all circumstances. If we someone can’t get their message across without resorting to calling people names, their intelligence is questionable. (And more importantly, so is their integrity.)

I grieve also for this great country, for the reasons listed above, and for the separation all of this is causing. Our leaders should be uniting all of us under this great nation. All human life is precious. All of us have something to give, gifts to share in this world and life. Everyone has value.

What I see this nation, and the world needing now more than any other time in my life is LOVE- and KINDNESS. We can each make a huge difference in our world by treating everyone we meet with respect and kindness. A smile costs nothing at all, and for some, yours might be the only one they receive that day. Silently wishing each person you meet a blessing will increase the positivity that will keep flowing energetically in the world.

Try focusing on the good- in what you think, in what you watch, in what you do for yourself and others. LOOK for the good in all things. I promise you, there is good if you just look for it.

How you treat yourself counts in this too. How kind and loving are you with yourself? Do you constantly look for what is wrong with you and your life? Is your self-talk mostly negative? Start here, if you still find it challenging to be kind to others. Eliminate all negative thoughts towards yourself for a day, and see how you feel. Think about enlarging that to a week. Then expand it to several others in your circle of influence. Imagine doing that to every human you encounter! You can even visualize holding the world in your hands and sending it love and kindness. Scientific studies have shown how this really does make an impact on the world and humanity. There have been worldwide experiments with people around the world doing this and similar things at the same time. What they found was that criminal activity stopped during the time frames that the experiments were going on.

I’m ready. How about you? Will you take a few moments of your day to focus on love and kindness? What will happen is that your life will become happier and more joyful than you thought possible. And so will the lives of those you meet.

Let’s do this! Let us begin a campaign of love and kindness for ourselves, and for the future of all the children in this world!

What we focus our time, energy, and attention on, we get more of. What do YOU want more of in your life?

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