To Life!

Dedicated to Those We Have Lost

My Words to you this time are a reminder, a nudge, to celebrate your life! To pause, for more than just a moment and reflect on the matter of your life; to be mindful of how you are living it.

How are you living it?

Are you truly living it, or are you letting the mundane, the troublesome, and the irritants that can be thrown in your way, BE your life? Is your life more about your to do list, than your joys and pleasures? Are you in relationships that are healthy and loving, or are you there for the wrong reasons? Are you pleased with the way you act in every area of your life? Do your thoughts, words, and actions come from a place of honesty and integrity? Is there someone that could use your kindness, words that might heal rather than hurt?

Much of the time we take our lives for granted- the people in our lives, the belief that we have tomorrow. But there are no guarantees. We don’t know what tomorrow will hold. Every moment is precious, and is a gift.


If you were to think of your life- the minutes of your life- as a gift card with ‘X’ number of minutes on it until it expired, how would you ‘spend’ the remaining minutes? Looking at life in this way might help you see the value in each and every minute that you have- and have left to spend. There really is a ‘limit’ to your minutes here during this lifetime.

Would you spend your remaining minutes in relationships that are unkind, unloving, and cruel? Would you spend your minutes doing work that you know harms your mind, body, and soul? Are YOU unkind, unloving, and cruel? Are you who you want to be in all of the areas of your life? If not, you can change your life; spend your minutes differently by becoming a softer, kinder person; leave relationships that are not for your highest good; seek to better your life; break all ties that are not healthy or in your highest interest. Are you where you truly want to be, doing what you love to do?

Life is a gift, given to us in love and joy; meant to be spent, LIVED, in joyful celebration of who we are, and of the many talents that we have been given. We don’t have to learn everything the hard way. We can choose to, yes, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can choose to live out your life mindfully, being in each moment, sharing of yourself in the moment, instead of mindlessly thinking of the next thing on your to do list. You can do what the author Kahlil Gibran said so many years ago in his book The Prophet. He invited us to seek our friends always with hours to live. And what if you start with yourself? What if you really begin to live each moment, instead of just letting them pass by? How different would your life be?

I challenge you to really live!

When we lose someone, it is hard to look at everyone still moving around us, living their lives seemingly untouched by the enormous grief that lays so heavy in our hearts. How can this be? How can they not see that the world has stopped spinning? That somehow it will never be the same?

And yet, it does still spin. And we have a choice to see the world differently, too. The next time you watch a sunset, do it for them, too. The next time you laugh, do it for them, too. Every time you look at the moon, take a walk, smile at a stranger, do it for them, too. I invite you, no- I challenge you to live more deeply and passionately- for the both of you. It will bless your life in ways you have never imagined.

May our words to each other be kind ones. May we never forget to tell those we love how we feel. May we never leave or go to sleep angry or with hurtful words between us, for they very well could be the last words spoken. May all of our words and actions come from a place of love and acceptance. May we count our blessings, and most importantly, may we be a blessing to others.

I have written before about life being a highly choreographed dance. Each step that we take brings us closer to another person who will touch our life, as we touch theirs. Who do you choose to dance with today? Whose life will you impact? Will it be in joy? And love? I hope so!

So, here’s to Life!!