The World’s On Fire

open-heart-roaring-flameThis past summer I met a wonderful woman, one of those people who lives fully from her heart, sings her truth, and honors the struggle it takes some days to do so.  Her name is Shannon Curtis, she wrote a song that I play frequently now (pretty much nonstop for 3 months).  A song that speaks to me of watching my surroundings, sometimes in what feels like chaos and still waking tall with my heart wide open.  A peaceful warrior, transcending victimhood, and blaming.

Every word to this song resonates with me on an even deeper level after this current election.  She sings of the world being on fire, which I feel symbolically now many of us feel.  However, even more poignant is the line that says “Take your one hot life, make it burn so bright, fire with fire we fight, we’re a roaring flame”.


Roaring Flame by Shannon Curtis  (do yourself a favor and click here to watch and listen)

So the world’s on fire

But still here we are

Holding open hearts

To the roaring flame

Burning hot and higher

This is who we are

We are open hearts

We’re a roaring flame

No more waiting

For something to happen

We are making it every day

No more praying

For something to save us

We are burning to light the way

So the waters rise

Grieving mothers cry

We do not stand by

Drowning in our fate

Take your one hot life

Make it burn so bright

Fire with fire we fight

We’re a roaring flame

So the world’s on fire

But still here we are

Holding open hearts

To the roaring flame

In Chinese medical theory fire is the equivalent of joy and passion which is housed in the heart (the container for all emotion).  Though out of control fire can burn up everything in its path, turning it to ash. It does this by being fed too much conflicting emotion.  I say this because here is what I see when I look around me; I see so many of us that have a passion in this life to love, have joy, empathy, kindness, relationships, connections.  We have this fire burning in our hearts to make this world a better place.  Not just better, but a place of humanity, equality, love and joy for EVERYONE!  So, I’m curious what are you using to fuel your fire?

As I move forward each day I am deciding to choose, as the song says “holding open heart(s)”, to face the fire outside with the fire of passion and joy and love from the inside.  To let my words and actions match the flame that burns so brightly from my heart, from my soul.

What I am wondering is can we all do this together?  Can we get past the anger, the hurt, the fear and use this life of ours to hold our flames out to the world without letting it turn us to ash?

The comedian George Carlin once said:

“Ya ever notice who it is, (got to think) who it is we kill? It’s always people who’ve told us to live together in harmony and try to love one another. Jesus, Gandhi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, John Lennon – they all said, “Try to live together peacefully.” Bam! Right in the fucking head! Apparently we’re not ready for that.”

I say we are ready.  I say we are ready to fill the shoes of these peacemakers and world changers.  Let’s use our voices, let’s light more of those internal fires of joy and passion in others.  Let’s make those fires fueled with love and empathy and all things of light.  Let’s overcome the hate, anger, racism, and all other toxic thoughts and emotions.  It’s time to let our hearts be wide open together. “No more waiting for something to happen.  We are making it every day.”

I invite you all to go to Shannon’s site and download “Roaring Flame” and the Creationism album.  You will love it in its entirety.