The Dog Days of Summer

It seems impossible that summer is half over, doesn’t it? After the fourth of July the days feel like they just melt away so quickly.

If you think back to the beginning of summer, or perhaps even during the long days of winter, what exciting plans did you conspire to do with the season of warmth and sun? Did you make vacation plans? How about a weekend getaway? Maybe your ideas concentrated around the things you could do daily that would make a difference in your enjoyment of the season, or even your health. Did you commit to walking around the neighborhood or a lake each day? Or did your thoughts lean towards eating more of the local seasonal harvest such as lush strawberries, melons, blueberries, or lettuce?

Summer also has a natural way of gathering us together to celebrate a variety of things from the holidays, to class reunions or family reunions. Are the people that you hold most dear in your summer plans?

How are you doing in the fulfillment of your summer goals? It’s not too late to recommit yourself to them and find even more enjoyment in the last half of your summer!