Recently I designed a quote for our website that was written by Tyler Henry. He stated:

“It’s important to not confuse the significance of a relationship with its length. What matters most is what bonds are exchanged and what lessons are learned in the time that’s shared.”

 What have you experienced in your life? Have you had a relationship that was so amazing and life changing- and yet it didn’t last a long time? If so, how do you feel about that? Do you wish it had lasted longer? Do you feel anger about its short duration? Have you come to the point of feeling gratitude for that interlude, no matter how long or short a time you had together?

Finding your “soul mate” seems to be a goal that many individuals have. At times this can seem an overwhelming task, given how many people there are in the world. The actual definition of the term soul mate isn’t “the One” that is meant for us. We have many soul mates in our lives. These are the friends that are closest to us, those we can be ourselves with totally and without reservation. We have many at the same time. At times, it isn’t always in our best interest to marry one of our soul mates. People are put in our lives for various reasons, and we may learn more from someone who isn’t our “one true soul mate”.

But what about the relationship referred to in the quote? The one that was so profound they left a lasting impression in your life, maybe changing it forever? This is something that I have thought about a lot in life. We tend to think about the marriages or relationships that have withstood the test of time where the couple is still together after many years. That is wonderful! Good for them!! Yet I know that so many stay in relationships that aren’t good for either of them for the wrong reasons. This isn’t healthy or the way life is supposed to be. We need to be in relation with others, and learn what they have to teach us. Each relationship has so much embedded in it to learn from. Some are not meant to last a lifetime. Some are. It is wonderful to be able to learn from those who truly have a relationship that continues to develop and deepen with the passing of years.

I find it amazing that someone can enter your life through knowing them, not only is your life changed- you are changed! It doesn’t have to be a forever commitment, yet on a spiritual level, it may be the one thing you were meant to do in this lifetime- to grow through that specific relationship. Perhaps the things you taught each other will greatly affect the way both of your lives will play out. Think about it. That is no small thing! At times it’s easy to be sad that certain relationships didn’t pan out the way you had hoped they would. If you can, see such encounters as gifts given to you for your personal growth and connection, no matter how long or short, and know that this is so because you are so deeply loved and cherished! Your growth is supported and people are brought into your life to make the very most of this life. This is no small thing!

You and your life are significant beyond measure!!

When I think back to all of the people who have walked into my life, there are some that touched me deeply as mentors, and their teachings continue to shape my days. I am forever grateful for this. Even though they have passed, it feels as if they are with me daily.

And yet, there is One, the one who entered briefly, touched my life deeply, in ways that no one else has, who I miss every single day.

And I am so blessed to have had that relationship. The shades of that love still color my world to this day.