A Second Chance, Part 2

*Today’s post is the second part of a very personal blog post. If you haven’t read the first part, you can do so now, then continue on. 

 I’m not sure if you have ever run out of time- most of us have, for one thing or another. It’s an entirely different experience to run out of time for life- for living- for saving someone from themselves or from an idea they have stuck in their mind that won’t let them go, move forward, or accept a different idea, path, or Truth for a different future. We were at a juncture we never thought was a possibility with someone so dear to us.

Time, had literally come to the final grains of sand in the hourglass, because of the absolute belief in the words of a technician whose only job was to administer a test. Nothing else. Yet her “diagnosis” had shifted all of our lives in a horrible direction- a direction that seemed to be bringing the end of life to a very otherwise seemingly healthy loved one. This end was much closer than we realized at the time.

Prolonged, chronic stress in life can be deadly. Make no mistake about it, stress kills. Over 95% of all disease and illness is caused by stress. We have become a world dictated by the tasks we believe must be accomplished each day to standards that are almost impossible to achieve on a daily basis. Over time, this kind of stress leads to illness, depression, and blood pressure issues, sleep issues, anxiety, and so much more. It can cause us to isolate ourselves from those who love us. It starts an avalanche that becomes increasingly challenging to stop. Add to this the incredible power of the mind, and this can be a fatal combination. You see, whatever we focus our time, energy, and attention on- we get more of. So if you are focused on this deadly disease, and all of the horrible things that will come to pass- THEY WILL! Each and every symptom will begin to show up. Why? Because your mind has accepted this as its truth, and your body is listening, and will comply. This is only one reason why it is imperative that we are careful about what we think, and accept as our Truth.

What happened next?

All of the right people were exactly where they needed to be. One very special person, in fact, listened to the voice inside that said to drive, take action, and not let this individual make any choices for themselves right now. Let me tell you what a difference one person can make in a life- ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD! The difference between life and ending it in a heart beat! Even an hour later- and it would have been too late. It was that close.

 Love can do powerful things. It moves mountains, heals hurts that seem as deep as a canyon, and give you a finger hold on a mountain surface so steep it seems insurmountable.

It also drives one’s ass to the hospital ER to make this pain stop, knowing that waiting weeks for a doctor appointment was now totally out of the question. Someone’s life would end before that could ever happen.

Scared stiff, love stands by and holds someone else up. It waits with you, listening intently to be sure the honest truth is told to the ER staff, and is relieved when the truth is indeed told. It goes with through the testing, the fear, and goes all the way to the end-

Thankfully, one of the ER Doctors happened to be a specialist in this area, and was an answer to all of our prayers. Turns out, the technician was wrong. Dead wrong.

There were so many thoughts, feelings, and emotions running through all of us. Relief. Thankful beyond words! Love. Forgiveness, and the understanding of how regret can keep us from what is really important in life. The feelings of Life and a Future running at full throttle again. A personal desire to change the world for the better in tangible ways and throughout the remainder of their life, and so much more!

And then the “what in the world was this technician thinking”!!! And after that- the very real knowledge that in just a few short hours this individuals life would have ended- over a false “diagnosis” from someone who shouldn’t have even opened their mouth! It was a profound experience. Sobering.

A Second Chance. Literally.

When you find yourself alive at the end of the end of the day you were going to end it all, with a totally new outlook and outcome… WOW.

What would you do with a second chance?

This story has a very happy outcome, although we went through a short period of hell. I know that we are not the only ones who have experienced something like this, and I know how life changing it can be.

But what would YOU do? My prayer is that you never have to go through something like this, yet this is, at times, exactly what is needed to get our attention when all else has failed to. What do I mean by this? That you are so important, so cherished, that everything possible will happen to gain your attention so that you pay attention to what is really important in life. Those small aches and pains? Pay attention! Life lived in the midst of stresses and regrets can make you loose your way. You are far too important to be a statistic! The Divine, God, however you connect with that Something/Some One greater than you, loves you that much! The first attempts to gain your attention will be small and light. If ignored, they will grow in intensity and become whatever is needed to correct the situation.

And so I ask you again- what would you do with a HUGE second chance at life??? What is really important to you??? Would anyone even be able to tell by looking at the way you are currently living your life what values you hold dear? How about what people are important to you?

Would you change where you live? Would you feel the hungry? Would you renew your marriage vows? Would you slow down and take stress seriously, learning all that you can about how to de-stress and live a healthier lifestyle? What major changes in your life would you make SO THAT THIS NEVER HAS TO HAPPEN TO YOU AGAIN??? Because I promise you- if you get this kind of a chance, and slip back into old patterns, the next thing will be even more intense, whatever it is that is used to grab your focus.

The key is to remember. Remember how life changing it is, was, and hopefully ever will be.

The real key is to Remember Who You Are. Someone who is DEARLY LOVED!