Searching for That Illusive “Something More”

During the course of man’s existence on earth there has always been “searching”. We seem to constantly be looking for “more” in our lives, that “something” that feels like it is missing. Shelves of books have been written about this human behavior, one being “Man’s Search for Meaning”. We are constantly looking for the one thing that will make us happy, that will get us over the top. The problem is, for many people, when they do finally get the thing they were sure would stop that hunger within them, they find that “thing” just doesn’t seem to measure up. There is still a longing deep inside that hasn’t gone away, and so the search continues, not sure of what they will find, or perhaps even what it is that they are looking for.

Many of us mistakenly think this longing is for something material or possibly a career gain. Others think that when they lose those extra twenty pounds, marry Mr. or Mrs. Right, get the next degree, or whatever we might fill in the blank with, everything will relax for them and they will be able to grab onto the brass ring. We keep reaching out for it, thinking of a new goal that surely must be what we are looking for to fill the ache inside, not realizing that the “thing” that won’t leave us alone is our spirit longing to take its rightful place in our lives. We have forgotten that we are spiritual beings.

There are many names for this part of us, such as the still small voice within or listening to our soul’s whisperings. Whatever you call it, it feels much the same to everyone- even those who state they don’t believe.

There are many ways that Spirit awakens within each of us. For some, it is there for them at birth (it always is) and is listened to from that moment forward. These individuals just seem to follow that voice with ease and a gracefulness that is a pleasure to observe.

For others, it takes a little more life experience and nudging to get them to listen. This “voice” may start out soft and quiet, but if we won’t listen to its gentle murmurings, it will grow louder and stronger, trying to get our attention. It may then come to us in the form of life altering situations that grow more difficult the longer we ignore them, such as job loss, loss of health, divorce, and repetitive patterns that we can’t seem to get past.

This aspect of us is so important that it will go to great lengths to gain our attention. This is a very great reminder to you of how valued you are, how cherished you are. No matter what happens in your life, you will always be sought out because you are so greatly and deeply loved. Your soul will never give up on you! That voice will keep vying for your attention amidst all the other thoughts in your head, or activities that you pursue.

There is a concept that talks about our lives being broken open so that we can finally meet and experience our soul and our life purpose. This breaking open is only one process Spirit can use to help us find ourselves. As with everything else in our lives, it can be easy or it can be hard. The choice is in large part up to us. Our thoughts help to create our lives. If your thought processes believe life is hard, or that lessons come the hard way, that will be your experience. If you believe that life can flow easily, and that life is a joy, that will be what you find in your life. I’m not saying that some loss won’t happen in life, but due to the way you move through life, it can be so much easier to move through whatever comes before you.

There is an ancient story from China that talks about how traps were set for monkeys. A coconut was hollowed out through an opening that was cut to the size of a monkeys open hand. Rice was then placed inside, and the coconut was left on the path the monkey would take. Inevitably the hungry monkey would smell the rice and stick its hand in. Once closing its fist around the rice, however, the monkey could no longer get its hand back through the opening. As long as the monkey maintained its grip on the rice, it was a prisoner. Its hunger was the master of its grasp.

The truth is that there is food everywhere. It only has to let go for its life to unfold.

And so it is with us. Our challenge is that what we need to let go of is something we yearn for, and that is hard for us as humans.   We do not realize what we long for has been there all the time. It is within us. When we begin to live in accordance with our Spirit, miraculous things start to happen. Spirit’s plan for us is so much greater than our own. There is so much more for us than we’ve ever dreamed of, if we would just “let go” and follow the Spirit within.

How about you? Are you ready to listen to that beautiful voice within you? Are you ready to let go of the struggle and accept all that Spirit and Life have to offer?

And so I ask you-

What is your “rice”?