Reflecting, Resolutions, and Change

stocksnap_2diuygmjlmIt seems like the change of the year is always a good time for reflecting.  Many of us turn to making resolutions that we want to take into the year for what we see as a benefit of change for our lives.  Whether we are making an effort to eat better or exercise more the greatest aspect of this is that we are evaluating our lives, ourselves, and our need for growth.

Usually this involves feelings.  How do we feel with how things are going?  How do we feel about our lives and the choices we are making for it?  What do we want things to look and feel like in the future, because we know we want to feel better, to feel great?

Be it physical changes, emotional growth, mental balance, or spiritual connection there are things we can focus on to bring about a new awareness of what sort of resolutions would benefit us.  As we move through this period of refection and try to determine what it is we are looking for and how we are going to get there here are a few things to ponder:


  1. Be aware of how you feel when you are doing a given task.  What emotions come up for you around a given undertaking?  If it brings up unwelcome emotions what can you change to make that different?  Or perhaps, what can you do to accept how you feel?  Can you not do it?  Change the task itself?  Perhaps you can shift it, would it be better done at a different time of day or with someone else? Maybe you just need to change how you approach it.  If you don’t like doing dishes, could you look at all the benefits of doing dishes and focus on that instead?  Isn’t it nice to have clean dishes to eat off, isn’t it wonderful when the cupboard is clear of clutter?  What can you do to shift how you feel about any given enterprise that you partake in?
  2. Listen to your body. Many of us want to make extreme efforts in exercise or make striking changes to our nutritional intake at the first of the year.  How do you choose what that looks like?  Our bodies communicate with us directly about these topics.  How do you feel when you eat certain foods, how does your body respond?  Do you bloat, get gas, or just feel tired?  Maybe you eat something and it makes you smile and brings happiness into your life.  Are you paying attention to these moments, the moments your body is telling you what it needs more or less of?  Let’s say when you exercise you really enjoy the thought of running, however your knees feel pain after a couple of blocks.  Well, how do you work with that?  Do you give up or do you go the two blocks then walk, trying again the next day?  There’s a learning curve in communicating with your body, take it easy, be gentle on yourself and give yourself time to figure out what it’s saying.
  3. Take time not only to think about what brings you joy, but to experience it. Sometimes we just push through to get things done and move onto the next item on our “to do” list.  If you really want to figure out what direction you want life to go you have to take some “you” time.  Do those things you dream about, they bring up your creativity, they develop your brain in a way that draws you to the next moment of joy. Eventually your brain becomes hard wired to be happy and you look around and see that your life is really full of joy.  Which leads you to the next joyful moment, and so on and so forth.
  4. Change your perspective. Is the glass really half empty?  How about looking at what the glass is made of?  Is it colorful, is it painted, is it a cup, is it actually glass?  What’s in that glass?  Did you put it there or did someone else?  Can you change what’s in there? How often?  Whatever you are experiencing can you see it from someone else’s point of view?  When you do that what do you see?  How does it make you feel about that person?  How do you feel about yourself or your situation after you do that?   How does that make you want to move forward? It’s always refreshing to see a new viewpoint, are you able to step back and do that for yourself?
  5. Talk to people. Get some feedback.  We sometimes block out what others are saying because we don’t want to hear it.  Can you be in a place of openness?  A place where your heart and mind can hear what others have to say without judging them or yourself?  If you can do this, what might happen?  Maybe you will see your behavior in different light.  Maybe there will be mention of something that “clicks” and all of a sudden makes sense as to why you choose certain patterns that are holding you back.  If you choose to do this, give yourself some time to sit with what is said.  And remember no judgement on yourself or others; this is simply a time to reflect, learn, and choose how you will utilize that information.

Change does not have to be a 180 degree turn from where you are.  It can be tiny steps, it can be a shuffle to the side, it can be tilting your head to the left slightly to see a different angle.  If you are passionate about the change, give yourself time to fully step into it.  You are an ever evolving soul, and every step, every choice is part of the process that helps you uncover the glorious being that you are.  Embrace you, embrace the process, and that usually begins with awareness and reflection.  Here we come 2017!

If you struggle with change or even getting to a quiet place that allows for reflection we can help.  Acupuncture is amazing at connecting you to your body and getting your mind to calm down enough to reflect.  Guided Imagery Therapy takes you to a place where you can communicate with your subconscious and uncover the things that are holding you back or need be heard.  Let us know how we can assist you.