Finding Your Tribe

The moment we are born into our family of origin, we experience being a member of our first “Tribe”.  That sense of belonging is something we continue to long for and search for throughout our journey on earth.  It runs deep, as we were created for connection.  Because of that innate need we will always find ourselves seeking a deeper connection outside ourselves. Whether we find healthy tribes or not is shaped in great part by our past experiences within the Tribes we have belonged to. Our Tribes The groups we connect to will ultimately change as we journey through... Read More »

Anniversary Vision for Humanity

On the sixth anniversary of my mentor and dear friend Patti’s transition into heaven, I thought about her a lot throughout the day. I went to bed that night feeling our connection and sending her gratitude and love.  During sleep that night I experienced a vision with her.  It is a vision that we all need right now on this earth and I’d love to share it with you. Patti and I were in a meadow with lush green grass swaying in the breeze, and yellow wildflowers moving gently among the tall grass. Suddenly our entire focus shifted to a border collie... Read More »

Face Reading for Candidates, Part 4

As we continue our face reading series you may be seeing some repetitive characteristics in the candidates. This can be for a couple reasons, one is that it does take a certain type of person to want to hold the office of President. The other is that some things I am purposely choosing to reiterate so that you can have some points to take with and apply to others you interact with and repetition is a good way to learn. Each person’s description is just a simple observation of a few characteristics and not a whole picture of everything their... Read More »