July Memories

July memories, especially around celebrations of the 4thof July are such a rich tapestry for so many people. Family gatherings of barbeques and games are plastered all over social media.  This also seems to be a great time for many family reunions.  So much fun, togetherness, games, conversations, and food! Memories I am blessed to have many special memories of the 4thof July from my childhood.  As a small child I remember going to my cousin’s for the parade, generations of family, and the fireworks at night.  The spot they shot the fireworks from changed over time, and depending on where... Read More »

Are You Pushing…or Moving Through?

Let’s face it. There are times in our lives when we need to push through.  We have deadlines at work and other projects that also need our attention.  We tell ourselves that we can do this, put our heads down and push through to meet those deadlines.  It may or may not be the greatest work we have ever done, but the deadline was met. Sometimes in various areas of our lives we need to push through.  However, there are other areas where pushing through only delays our progress and ends up costing us more pain and less enjoyment in... Read More »

Face Reading for Candidates Part 2

As a continuation of our Face Reading series for candidates you can hopefully learn a few things to take with you in order to help read others in your own life. Please remember these are simply observations, not judgements being made toward the individuals. Face Reading takes into account all features and lines on the face to paint the most comprehensive picture of someone. The following information is just a glimpse into some personality and characteristics of each candidate. Steve Bullock: Mr. Bullock has some interesting lines that traverse his forehead from his eyebrows angling up. These lines are referred... Read More »