Press Release!

Awakened Living announces a new weekly radio show, Awakened Living Infusion, to air at 10 a.m., Saturdays, on AM950. The owners of Awakened Living, Connie Bjerk and Michelle Kitsmiller, will host the hour-long show which begins October 6. Awakened Living Infusion will cover topics that are current and of personal interest as well as those that help people engage within communities. Weekly discussions will give information and practical tips that can be used immediately to begin change, growth and expansion in the areas of life that encompass well-being and happiness. Topics will deal with issues that everyone faces and two... Read More »

Awakened Living Infusion Radio Show!!

Awakened Living is beyond excited to announce we now have our own weekly radio show, which will air Saturdays at 10:00a.m. on AM950!! Our show airs for the first time on October 6th, and each show is an hour-long broadcast. Awakened Living is an integrated health clinic located in Bloomington, MN and is focused on all aspects of health, wellness, spirituality, and growth. We treat each person from a mind, body, spirit perspective, and our radio show will reflect that as well. We have a wide range of services, and also hold classes in our office on many topics, viewed... Read More »

Twenty Wishes

I recently read a book whose core theme was how making a list of twenty wishes dramatically changed the lives of each person involved. This topic intrigued me, and my hope is that it will encourage you to take the time to do it too. Let me explain a little more. This was a group of women who met in a book group on Valentine’s Day, each having a devastating thing in common- they were all widows. Some had been widows for several years, while some had only been so for a few months. The ages of the women ranged... Read More »