Fighting Stress: Winning Strategies to Apply to Life

In the last blog I spoke about how stress affects the body. This time, I really want to focus on how we can stop perpetuating the cycles of stress so that we can allow our bodies to be in a state of balance where healing occurs and it is easier to stay healthy. How can we deal with the cycle of stress?   Self-care interventions: Doing things that bring you joy: Reading, socializing, dancing, to name a few Exercise: Regular movement of your body is vital for physical, mental, and emotional health Nutrition: Eating healthy foods that provide essential nutrients... Read More »

Stress: What It Is and What It Does

Stress is a physical, mental, and emotional response to our perceptions about  experiences in our environment. This response is automatic and we are constantly being exposed to it. Physically, it redirects our blood flow, causes changes to our immune function, and hormones, digestion, and basically prepares us for what is termed “fight or flight”. Which means our bodies and our minds are taking a split second to decide if we should attack or run away from a situation that triggers this response. There is acute stress, which is something that is happening now, and chronic stress which is ongoing. The... Read More »

Twenty Wishes Revisited

I’m so excited to share Twenty Wishes Revisted and to have the opportunity to provide the space and support to those who would love to try this new adventure with us!  Ever since I first read about this concept, I have loved it, and felt excited about doing it. Now we’d like to share this as a group experience and provide support and possibly connections to help make wishes come true- in ways you’d never dreamed possible! So here is where it all began for me- and how I feel strongly about making wishes vs making resolutions, as one is filled... Read More »