Opening Up to Your Life

Many years ago I created a class meant to be life changing. I wanted to help pave a way for people to experience life more fully. It was called “The Gift of a Year” based on living- really living your life each and every minute. How would we do this? By thinking about what we would do, how we would feel and react to the news that we had a year to live. Dr. Stephen Levine wrote about such an experiment, which he called “practice dying” and from that experiment he and his wife learned how to truly live.

The first group embarked on their own journey/experiment, which was supposed to meet once a month for a year. They all felt a month in between was really too long, and met twice a month for several years, long after the course was supposed to conclude. Though I have moved several times, two of the original members still meet with me over Skype twice a month. It continues to be a blessing with three heart centered women. (I have taught many groups of this class over the years, and have found some interesting changes occurring. While the first class was all women, each time I held in- in many different cities- the number of men increased. The one that just finished in the Twin Cities actually had more men in it than women. That my friends, is wonderful!)

The women in the original group were, and are, incredible! The bond that grew between them was sacred and strong. During the course of the years, life has changed so much for everyone. They have seen each other through so many of life’s events, and have grown deeply. When reflecting on the (original) year, and asked how they felt they had changed the most, each shared some things that were profound for them. They also shared that others around them had noticed the changes in them too. That was also validation for them on this journey, this opening up of themselves to life.

Several of them explained that one of the biggest changes for them was their keen aversion to those who create drama or seem to need it in their lives. These drama magnets now feel like such an energy zapper, and the women in the group found themselves avoiding these people or limiting the time spent around such individuals.   The women went on to explain how they used to be drawn to this, sucked in almost, and would take part in it. Now they avoid these people like the plague.

This may seem like a small thing, but it isn’t.

What is meant by that? By this one act your life will completely open up! When you can put the drama down, and really let go of it- the gossip, the need to hook into the “stories”~ all of it~ you open up all that space for incredible personal and spiritual growth, which feels so much better than filling your life with drama!

When you no longer feel drawn to the drama, and can no longer be “hooked” by it, life changes by leaps and bounds. There is a deeper sense of peace, an inner calm that replaces the static chaos of the drama that once filled space in your life. There is now room for growth and depth of meaning in your life in areas that you only dreamed of before, and also some that you never would have guessed would happen to you.

There is such freedom that comes with ending the drama. No longer are you sucked into anything. Your life opens up emotionally and spiritually, leaving you totally available to experience it on levels that you were previously unaware of. You now have more time for the things that you are passionate about and can actually spend time doing them. That energy is contagious, and you will find that new avenues open up for you. Life increasingly fills with more positive people, things, and activities, and suddenly new opportunities that you only dreamed would happen, do!

Without the drama, there is time for inner reflection to find out what you really think, desire, believe, and feel. This process of inner reflection can lead to a deeper understanding of what you want your life to look like, and you will have a deeper knowing of how to get there.   It may lead to career change, relocation, finding your dream or even acknowledging that you might have a dream left in you. You become aware of a deep sense of inner strength and peace. It feels great!

You also realize that the need to “be right” or upset about the little things in life is another time waster and a different kind of attachment to drama. Smile, let it go, and move forward. It will work out in the end.

Judgment is another area that will fall away. You become more willing and able to let other people’s stuff BE their stuff. Remember that nothing anyone else ever does is because of you- it has to do with the issues they are experiencing in their own lives.

Trust is another component to the opening up of life. Trust that all change is good, and that all change is working for your highest good. Trust that you will always be taken care of, and that movement toward your dream will start things moving for you in ways that will surprise you.

The opening up of life is like the famous poem by Anais Nin.

The Risk to Bloom

And then the day came

when the risk to remain

tight in a bud was

more painful than the

risk to bloom.

This will happen to you, too, when you realize that you have so much in you to give! As Marianne Williamson said, “Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you.”

So open up to life! Experience it to your fullest capacity! Life is such a precious gift meant to be fully lived in every moment! Open up to all you are meant to be, to all you were created to bring to the world. Everyone has a special gift they were created to share with the world.

What is yours?

Open it up…and find out! Then share, for there is great joy in the sharing of life!

Here’s to the opening up of your life! Enjoy!



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