Mere Words

What glorious things… words! We use them to communicate, create beautiful lyrics, to proclaim our love, or perhaps sing a soft lullaby. We use them to convince, explain, share joy, and if we aren’t concerned about how our words affect others- to hurt, separate, and destroy.

My dear friend and mentor, Patti, wrote a wonderful book called “The Miracle of Words”. It is one of several that she wrote in her lifetime. I am so grateful for each of them, because I can read them over and over, each time hearing her wonderful voice in my mind.

Whether spoken or thought, words are incredibly powerful. They encourage belief in the seemingly impossible, connect us all, and can convey the depths of joy, pain, and so many other emotions we are blessed to experience.

Summer is a very sacred time for me, for so many reasons. I love the fresh green colors everywhere after the barrenness of winter. New life, new beginnings! Such a sacred time! It is also a time of remembering some of the most life changing events I have experienced-the illness and death of my father, my mother, and several of my dearest friends. Patti was one of them. She and her husband were my mentors, and the love of each other’s lives. Watching them work together was incredible! I was blessed to stay with them for years during their workshops, and time after time I was asked if they were like that in private, too. My answer was “yes”.

You see, they had a very strong love story. Like all of us, they were human. Yet when they worked together, they listen raptly to each other as if no one else was in the room. The look on their faces was one of pure love. It radiated out to us all. It wasn’t a show. At home in pajamas in front of the TV or eating a wonderful (healthy) dinner lovingly made by Patti- it was the same. Even during our nightly domino games, it was there, steadfast and true. Oh, I know that it changed during the many phases of their life together. I also know that I was honored and blessed to be witness to it.

Reading her book recently, and knowing that they have both passed, I was so struck by her writing about her fear of losing him. A paragraph of one poem goes like this:

I know I shall lose him,

I shall die or him, I forget which.

I know that we have just borrowed

this sacred time together.

Our love affair is indeed only on lease.

There is so much more to the poem, but this was so powerful to me. We each have only borrowed this time that we have together on earth. We don’t know how much of it we have left. We are blessed to be in each other’s lives in this moment, right now, for we know not when the time runs out for us, or for them.

This is a challenging time for the world. Let us fill the minutes and hours of our days spreading love, peace, and joy.   When you are with someone, look at them- really look at them, when they are speaking to you. Put down the phone, focus your attention on what they are saying, and let it be a time of real communication between you. This shows how important they are, and that you want to be fully present with them.

Humans are hard wired for connection. With technology and social media giving us the ability to “connect” instantly, we are strangely feeling more and more isolated and disconnected than ever. The human qualities that make us real to each other are missing in media connection. Sure, the Words are there, but so much is missing. Eye contact, voice inflection, human touch, laughter, sharing memories, (as well as making new ones) and accountability are all things that make getting together in person so enjoyable, and frankly, healthier for us all. We need each other in this human experience. Let’s celebrate our connections and honor the time we spend with one another. Let our words to each other be uplifting and supportive and inclusive. Let us leave this world a kinder, gentler place than we found it.

Let’s connect with those we don’t know yet with kindness too. The world can use all the kindness we can give it right now.

May your words be a blessing to you, and those around you!