Me, Too… May Have the Answers We’ve Been Waiting For

So many emotions have been brought from the depths of countless women (and men) to the surface for healing, as well as justice if there can be any. Many are dazed by the magnitude of women who have shared this status on social media. It’s not just the famous or wealthy- this is something that has hit every walk of life and economic status.

We share this atrocity in great numbers.

Several women I know were reluctant to write those words in their status, chose to write the phrase, and then took it down. Their reasons were the reactions they were getting. It wasn’t anger, it was sadness, and they didn’t want anyone’s pity. But you see, it wasn’t pity that led to the sad face emoticon, it was a collective sadness that any of us has had to deal with this kind of treatment from another human being. Another woman wrote of her experiences, and it moved others so much, each private messaging her that they, too, had been treated that way by so and so, at such and such a business. The terrifying thing was- they all wrote about a different individual and a multitude of businesses, showing just how rampant this treatment of women is, and what a shared experience this is.

It also shows how a select few of the part of the human race that should be protecting others, especially women, has been throughout history taking whatever they want from those who they see as having less “power” than they perceive they hold.

Well, that “perception” is wrong. Look out world, for those who have been wronged are beginning to rise up!

 From Ashley Judd, to Meryl Streep, to production assistants, to the woman down the hall in your office building, to the women referred to on the bus trip with the highest-ranking official in our land- the message to all is clear- it doesn’t matter who you think you are! You must now contend with what you have done as the women who you mistreated are speaking up in great numbers- and so are the men who find this behavior nightmarish and totally unacceptable.

In a recent interview, George Clooney and Matt Damon spoke about what has come to light, as well as their experiences in their profession. George believes everyone needs to step up and demand that this type of behavior doesn’t occur again. How do we do that? By not tolerating it in any way, shape or form. Each perpetrator must be brought to light, investigated, and where this behavior has occurred, be brought up on charges and punished to the full extent of the law- no matter who they are. This must not be tolerated or seen to be “just locker room talk” or “boys will be boys” behavior. No more!

Our world has gotten out of control, and is in need of deep healing on so many levels. Everywhere you look we have taken giant steps backwards, and there are so many suffering in countless ways. The Me, Too movement is just one area of extreme pain. The world is in dire need of healing in so many areas, and on so many levels.

It gives me great hope when real women and men speak up for the right thing. This is the way that we break the patterns that go so far back in human history and create a new paradigm where this behavior is only a dark shadow in the past. This is what must happen, and when people with a huge platform can use it for social good, we all benefit.

The courage and strength these women have shown the world in coming forward is astounding! There is power in numbers, and the numbers grow daily. This is a pivotal time that I have been watching for and wondering exactly how it might happen. You see, I see something else happening too. It’s ever so tender and fragile, but it’s there, and has been waiting for this moment for so long. A part of it is in each of us, and if we let it, this part can begin to heal the world in a magnificent way.

I have known for so long that what is needed to heal the world at this time is the feminine energy within each of us. Women especially need to use this part of themselves to heal the whole. I have watched as the power women possess has been depicted in film with the summer hit “Wonder Woman” and so many other empowering true stories of incredible women making a difference. Things have been leading up to this moment for some time. It is the nourishing, nurturing center of the feminine that the world needs, and it is in all of us! We all need to tap into that Nurturing part of ourselves and step up! I know from experience that when a child is hurt or some injustice is done to her child, there is nothing fiercer than a mother! The momma bear comes out in her, and anyone in the way had better look out! This is the energy that is needed right now! Justice is won with that kind of fierce love and protection! I see what is happening as possibly being the beginning of that- and so much more, if we can stay focused and keep moving in the direction of intolerance of the acceptance of anyone being hurt by another. Love wins- and it must begin with the women stepping forward who are showing they love themselves enough to stand up, and speak up for themselves and others who have gone through this, so that this doesn’t happen in the future.

I wrote this article, and then sat on it for a day. This morning, before I was going to publish it, Diane Sawyer’s interview with Ashley Judd aired. It is a powerful interview that shares not only her story,which is riveting, but also the recorded messages from women who do not have the platform she holds. Their messages of fear of losing their jobs that are so necessary to feed their children, and the very real fear of having to give themselves a pep talk to even enter the building where this behavior continues to happen, scream for our help! The women, who are coming forth now, are also doing this for those who can’t at this time. Their time will come! This is just the beginning of real change regarding this, and then moving to change the world in other ways too! Rise up! You matter! Your voice matters! And if you are not in a position to do so right now, in this moment- that’s ok. Just know that you are not alone! There are thousands standing with you, getting the ball rolling for you with strength, determination, and class!

What I know to be true about people is that we are created for connection. Let us all join hands and hearts and begin the healing journey together. No more wool over anyone’s eyes. Let’s rid our lives and land of bullying behavior and sexual assault. Let’s stand strong and show the world what it means to be a contributing citizen of the human race who stands for justice, the fair treatment of all, and loving your neighbor as yourself.

Who will lead us??

The Women.

The Feminine Side Within Each and Every One of Us- male and female alike.

Can you feel it?