The Many Faces of a New Beginning!

New BeginningsWe are so very excited about OUR new beginning here at Awakened Living! We both have been in separate private practices, and our dream of living in the same city and owning a healing practice together has come true!  A friend of mine wrote, “You have moved mountains, and your heart’s dream is landing!” Yes!  That is what this feels like!  It has been quite a process!  The most important part in the process is trusting the dream, and trusting that you will be taken care of, that Divine Timing is just that- Divine- and that is not necessarily on our desired time frame. Spiritually, everything is indeed working together for our Highest Good and the fulfillment of our life’s purpose. Deep breathing is a must through this time of great movement! Ours is a beginning of joy and excitement, one that we have worked towards and desired.  Not all beginnings are like that. Yet every beginning is due to the yearning of the Soul for your growth and movement towards your purpose.  That is sometimes challenging to remember!

A wonderful woman I know has a tattoo on the inside of her wrist that stands for Beginnings.  It is a visible reminder to her that life can change on a dime and a new beginning is waiting to be experienced.  At times these beginnings have long been waited for, and others hit us by surprise, no matter how long they have been in the making.

Endings and Beginnings seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?  The end of one phase of life heralds the next.  This seems to be a common theme right now for most everyone.

The beginnings that have long been waited for can be liberating, even if they are somewhat difficult to get to the point of creation.  What is meant by this? Any area of our life may be in need of a new beginning, not just in our work. The marriages that should never have been, whether from blackmailing someone into marrying you, marrying someone knowing that your heart isn’t in it and you don’t really love that person the way you should love a spouse, or thinking you really have no other choice, as in an unplanned pregnancy.  Maybe you have stayed in a relationship with someone who struggles with addiction, and finally understand that you deserve a life where you are not constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop. Once the lessons have been learned, which can be a rather unpleasant process, and you find out that it really is time to move on, life begins to change.  You learn that you do have other choices, and it is your right to choose the life you desire to have.

Or maybe there has been something in your life that you have been “suffering” from or with, and you know that you want to live your life differently.  You finally gather the courage to fight whatever it is you have been dealing with, and work towards a better life for yourself.  How liberating!  You have all of the strength and courage you need to do this!

The ones that are forced upon us are harder to navigate.

Some beginnings are forced upon us- some suddenly and some that have built slowly to a forced ending.  This may be a situation like losing a loved one to cancer or another disease that slowly takes a once vital life.  Although the disease process takes time, and at times it feels like it will never end, it does, yet it can still feel like such a sudden, unexpected loss.  Take the time you need to grieve!  That is so important!  A dear friend, at the time of my father’s death, told me “Grieve well.”  What wise words these are!  We do indeed need to grieve well to make our way through it to the other side.  This takes time.  Allow yourself that time.  Be gentle with yourself, and move forward when you are ready.

Your new beginning may have been due to the loss of your job.  Again, allow yourself time to move through your feelings, and then start fresh!  Think outside the box.  Your next job doesn’t necessarily have to be a 9-5 job.  It can look any way you want it to!

However your new beginning has arrived in your life, whether suddenly forced upon you or having come over time, I invite you to look at this as a time full of possibilities for you. You are now standing in the space where ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! This can be an exciting time in your life if you allow it to be. Yes, it is a process, and with closing a door or chapter in your life, you do need to work through the sadness.  After that, and even during, I invite you to also feel some excitement for what is to come. You are now standing at a point where you get to decide what you want your life to look like.  Think about what you want to create in your life, and also about what you have learned.  What do you want to take forward with you from the lessons that you have learned?  What about this whole process has made you better, stronger?  What is it that you love in your life?  What would you like to see more of?

At a time of beginning, you have the opportunity to change everything- or anything- you desire.  This may start with the big choices, such as staying where you are, or moving somewhere new entirely.  Even if you choose to stay, just knowing that you have that choice makes everything look different.  Let it be a conscious choice to relocate or stay.  Then continue on from there.

What a wonderful concept this can be, depending on whether you are a glass is half full philosophy vs. half empty.  Think about it.  A new chance to create a new direction for your life, pursue your dreams, live from your passions!

Beginnings allow us the space and the time to look at what we used to love about ourselves and see if we might like to experience that way of being again.  It allows us the privilege of getting to know our own likes and dislikes, and the ability to say no when we really don’t want to do what someone asks of us.  Beginnings allow you to “choose you” in all things, knowing that it isn’t selfish, but self preservation and thriving!

There is an old saying, “You’ve made your bed; now lie in it.”  The process of a new beginning allows you to totally redecorate the entire bedroom in whatever way you choose!  It allows you the choice/chance to put fresh linens on the bed too!  (Maybe they have even been washed and hung outside to dry in the fresh air.  There is nothing like climbing into a bed that smells that fresh!)

So here’s to new beginnings!  May you make your choices wisely, with the knowledge that you can change them if you choose to!

Happy New Beginning! Three cheers for your fresh start!