A Little Soul Salsa Anyone?

As I was thinking about what topic I wanted to write about, so many things came to mind. Not the usual line up of thoughts, I must admit. There was a fanciful array of thoughts that whimsically danced through my mind, none demanding full attention, just briefly flitting by. So, what follows, are some of the random delights that came to dance!

Back 2004 there was a book called Soul Salsa. I like the way that feels when you say it. I also like the visual of that. Your Soul, doing a dance called the Salsa! Fun! It was filled with inspirational tidbits that you could apply to specific aspects of your life. Websites were listed for you to follow up on too, but the main thing that has always stayed with me was that wonderful, wacky title! Can you imaging yourself doing the Salsa with your Soul???

Which lead me to another wonderful tidbit.

Years ago, my guides gave me information on what happens when we die. The portion that I will share ties in with the above information. When we die, there is no judgment, per se, but rather a life review. This is a process, by the way. A guide of sorts goes through this with us, and we get to see where we touched people’s lives more deeply than we ever knew, and we also get to feel how others felt when we hurt them. Some lessons we may have handled far better than we thought, and others, we learn, could have been handled much differently. All of this is useful information to have as the Soul learns what it has mastered, and what it needs to return to learn next time. However, there is something that we ARE held accountable for. We were each given this wonderful gift of Life. And what the Divine really wants to know, because we were sent here to learn, and to learn through joy and love… so what we really have to answer at the end of our life is:

Did you Dance in your Passion?

Did you Play in your Joy?

So, if your life were to end in this moment, how would you answer that? In this life, have you danced in your passion, and played in your joy? And if not, WHY NOT???

After you have answered that, why wait until the END of your life to ponder this… why not ask yourself those two very simple questions at the end of every day. If you feel the answer isn’t a resounding YES, think about what changes you can make to live in such a way that each day is filled with moments, turning into hours, of joy and passion! One step in that direction can change your life in a very short amount of time. It’s amazing!

Ah, and then my mind wandered on to the quote by Ben Franklin, “The Muses love the morning.” This took my mind to another fun book called The Nine Modern Day Muses (and a Body Guard) by Jill Badonsky. It was originally written in 2003, and then expanded in 2010. The “Muses” are “block” busters of a very special design. They bust through every block that stands in the way of creative fulfillment in all aspects of our lives, from business to parenting, and from art to writing. They creatively, and with great mirth, help us move through procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism, self-sabotage, lack of focus, to the joy of the creative process and its validation of our soul and spirit. (Can you tell I love to read?) Anyway, it’s a funny, but informative book. Again, the whimsical muses dancing through my mind, still making me smile!

My mind then turned to another quote that I loved!

I went to a networking event today, and the speaker was Janee Harteau, the former chief of police for the city of Minneapolis. She was funny, informed, creative, empathic, and passionate! Her talk was powerful, wonderful, and there are so many layers to her, just as there are to each of us. She was offered jobs all over the country after she left her position here. She found a saying that is true of so many of us in our lives. Here it is:

Those who wanted to bury me

Never knew I was a seed.

Cool, right? Something to remember when we feel “less than” supported, or need a good boost to our purpose here on earth. It doesn’t matter if some don’t see it- it matters that YOU do, and that you keep going, regardless of the naysayers. The world needs what only you came here to give. All will be worse off if you don’t give it all you’ve got.

So I guess the purpose of this seeming randomness is INSPIRATION. What do you need, right now in this moment, to be a little more inspired than you were today? What inspires you? What is it that makes you laugh, smile, and enjoy the whimsy in YOUR life? If you haven’t thought about it in a while, maybe now is a great time to do so. The minutes are ticking by. Life is only getting shorter. Why not make sure that you fill what is left with the treasures you hold most dear?

If you are having trouble doing so, please know that there is help. You can call, or set up an appointment. If not here, keep seeking!