My Life Changing Experience with JT Foxx

The phrase “life changing experience” may be cliché, but there is nothing cliché about JT Foxx, or what he teaches. After this experience, I have found that it is all I can think about wherever I am. It was a phenomenal way to spend a Saturday!

 There have been experiences in the course of my lifetime that have changed something within me, things that have pushed the boundaries of my envelope. Yet nothing in my life has compared to my experience with spending a full day with JT Foxx! This one day has forever changed my life for the better, in ways that I never expected when I decided to sign up for the full day Mega Speaker event in Minneapolis.

I found the ad for the all day event on Facebook, and thought that it sounded like something very different from what I had been accustomed to seeing. I was curious, and searching for something more. The vision that I have had for my life is to be able to help people on a much larger scale than I have been able to thus far. I have come from another state where I had a successful business in two cities, to the Twin Cities, a much larger venue. I have now partnered with a dear friend, and we have a holistic health clinic with cutting edge programs and services- we just need help taking our business to the next level- not only locally, but also globally. I have also always wanted to grow my speaking engagements, and the day spent with him promises to help with both!

What made this experience so different? I learned more at this one-day event than in any other that I have ever been to! He gave us incredible information to help us make immediate changes that will help us in countless ways! He included detailed strategies for all aspects of business that are effective and have proven their merit. His willingness to give all of this detailed information was mind blowing to me. I felt I learned more from him in those hours than from anyone I’ve met in the business world. He put in a full day, and yet he stayed afterward so that everyone who attended could get a picture with him. He personally spoke to people and really embodied his theme of “Family First” by making you feel as if you were a part of his family already. His ability to read a person or a situation is incredible! I feel so blessed to have been a part of this day, and to have had the opportunity to speak with him personally. He genuinely cares.

I signed up on the spot for personal training with JT, and look forward to going in January, where we will meet with him personally, as well other internationally recognized business leaders and coaches for intensive personal training, focused on our business alone. We will also be going to the Family Reunion in LA in November, with a star studded line up of speakers, and have the opportunity to network with millionaires and billionaires sharing their business expertise.

We have begun our online coaching sessions as well, and I found more valuable business information in the first session alone- than in anything else I have experienced. I look forward to each step on this journey with JT, as I know there is so much more to learn! We have already changed some of our business practices due to the information he gave, and this is only the beginning! I know there will be so much more! I will keep you posted!