July Memories

July memories, especially around celebrations of the 4thof July are such a rich tapestry for so many people. Family gatherings of barbeques and games are plastered all over social media.  This also seems to be a great time for many family reunions.  So much fun, togetherness, games, conversations, and food!


I am blessed to have many special memories of the 4thof July from my childhood.  As a small child I remember going to my cousin’s for the parade, generations of family, and the fireworks at night.  The spot they shot the fireworks from changed over time, and depending on where it was, we were either watching from a blanket in a field or from their yard. It was a fascinating experience as a young child to be out that late in the dark surrounded by crowds of people, many of them people I did not know.

I remember my uncle being one of the men responsible for the lighting of the fireworks, and my dad and others helped.  I also remember feeling concerned for them as it seemed so dangerous- yet it was so exciting!

Over the years we would ride our horses in the parade and that was exciting too.  We usually rode only in the country, and this different scenario added new elements to the riding experience for both the humans and horses.

Generations Creating Together

I feel so blessed to have these memories of three generations of family together for so many holidays and also during any typical summer weekend.  (Winter too, for that matter!)  I love the memories and cherish them even more as each generation has passed.  I am thankful that they honored family as they did and took the time to be with each other and make memories that would last a lifetime. The world seems to be spinning faster and people have become so busy with their own lives that sometimes these gatherings are eliminated.

Looking Towards the Future

Make time for those you love, spend time together creating new memories.  Time stands still for no one. Introduce new games, traditions, and silliness in with the old. Be a force of inclusion instead of exclusion.  Put down the electronics and make some face to face connections with those around you. During conversations we find out new things about those we thought we knew so well.  Explore near and far and enjoy yourself in new ways this summer!

May your summer truly be one to remember!