It’s Time to Rise Up


This morning, in those first few moments between sleep and being fully awake, I heard the song “Rise Up” flowing through my mind. I knew that it was about more than just physically rising up out of my bed. I was curious about all of the lyrics, and so I looked up the song and read the words.

Beautiful. It speaks of being broken down and tired, so tired you can no longer see the part of you that fights for what is right in your life. The singer goes on to say that it’s ok, because they do see the fighter in you, and together you will talk it out, walk together, and move mountains. “Rise Up”.

It’s time- right now- for all of us to ‘rise up’. Right now, this minute. Our country, states, and cities, our families need us to, and frankly, the world needs it too. And if we’re really honest, we know our lives could be so much more if we rose to the challenge of being the best version of ourselves. There is so much good in each and every one of us. Gifts that have never been tapped into yet that the world so desperately needs right now are yearning to come forth and aid in the healing process for us all.

So many people wonder what their particular purpose in life is- why are they here, now, in this exact moment in time. What if it all boils down to this- for each and every one of us:

Your life’s purpose is to find out what unique gifts you have been given, and share them in your unique way with the world. No one else can give voice to any one thing like you can. You were born for this.

Each of us has been gifted with talents and perspectives that no one else has. We may think that others are doing our particular gift, whatever it may be, and so the world doesn’t need our voice, our brand of creativity. But you see, we do. You alone may be the key to unlocking someone else’s gifts too, and without you being there, willing to give all that you have- we all lose out. Just maybe, this person could hold the key to a cure that we need, a movement that needs to be started, a heart that needs to be healed. We are all connected and it’s time now to act like we know that, and that we care enough about ourselves, and our world, to stand up and show it.

When we stop short of being all that we are created to be, our life becomes mundane and we find ourselves just moving through everything in front of us to ‘just get it done’. Each of us is created for so much more! We need what you have inside you to give for the betterment of all of humankind. Your unique voice, shared via whatever vehicle/medium you create, is what is necessary to reach the lives of so many. Even helping one other person is enormous!

Emotion is contagious. What we have been seeing for way too long now is how anger is moving like a wild fire with no end of fuel in sight. If anger is contagious, so are love, joy, happiness, caring, and genuine concern for those around us. These are what we all really need. Right now, and every day of our lives, we all need to be seen, heard, and loved. So let’s start THAT movement.


Awareness is the key on so many levels. We need to experience the awareness that positive change is needed in our world, and that each of us can contribute to that change. How can you be that change? First, what gift is longing to be expressed through you? Maybe you have a book in you that will add beauty and understanding to the world. Oh, you may think, someone else has already written about what I wanted to write about. The Truth is, the world still needs YOUR specific voice. Let me tell you a little more about that. Two very different men wrote books every two years or so on the same topics. They each had their own particular writing style, and yet the information was, at its core, very similar. However, each man, because of the very different way they approached their topics, reached a very different audience. My dear friend and mentor and I talked about this at length one day. She had been to hear each of them in the same day, and although the information was indeed very similar, the way in which they presented it was as different as you can get. We need each of these men’s voices. Their message is very important. Each of them resonates with vastly different personalities. Both are needed to get this information out.

Your voice is needed too, as it will touch people in ways that no other person can. Don’t worry about the details. Have the courage to follow your specific calling in this life. No one else can do what you were born to do, with your specific life credentials. I am not only talking about paper credentials, but life credentials. Your experiences do matter. The more we have been through in life, the more we are able to help others.

So whether it is a book, a cure for a disease, a smile that lets someone know they are seen, a hand up, a piece of art, the blueprints for an incredible building that others can come to and enjoy together- whatever is in your heart to do- do that- with love and tenderness. It goes such a long way in repairing the anger and fear that is being thrown around today. Love, kindness, caring, and working together to solve issues brings peace to us all, and in the end, our world will be a better place because of it.

Once you become aware, you must take action. You must do the thing that makes you unique, special, and a gift to the world. It might take some time, and that’s ok. Things worth doing usually do. The most important next step once you become aware of what you came here to do- is to rise up- and do it! Persistence is key here! We each can do great things, one step at a time. Just taking those small steps every day let’s us accomplish more than we ever dreamed we could!

A great novel, written a few hours a day over time; a work of art, created over time, the Grand Canyon, created by water over time. All of these bring us such joy. Your great addition to our world will too! We need you!

Rise Up!