Governing Vessel: Being Grounded

The Du meridian is one of two of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians that has its own points.  It begins in the area between the kidneys known as the Ming Men Fire.  This area is thought to be where the original life essence is housed, pretty much that which makes everything else function, work, and live.  It travels from there down and out the perineum, back to the kidneys and up the spine, takes a small jog to the side (very small jog) around the upper thoracic (mid-shoulder blade) area and continues up the spine through the base of the skull, up and over to the frenulum (that flap of skin that connects your lip to your gum) of the upper lip.

This channel is considered the “Sea of Yang”, meaning it affects all yang meridians.  I mentioned before that all yang channels run along the outside of the body and have to do with external, physical, and active energy.  Physically it is used to treat the back, the brain, marrow, or spinal cord issues from pain, heaviness, stroke, dizziness, and even emotional and mental issues that people are challenged with.  It’s not limited to that, because it runs through the head and face it can be used to treat headache, including migraines, and/or pain and swelling in the face.

The Du Mai is about being grounded.  It deals with survival issues to include money or being fed, being upright (in life not just posture), independence, risk taking (it is the epitome of all yang channels), and transformative cycles.

If you are moving through life feeling ungrounded, a little too dependent on others, struggling with issues that are basic to quality of life this channel may be experiencing some imbalance.  Perhaps you have pain in your back or face and you are experiencing these other symptoms, it can show you that your emotions have been neglected long enough to manifest as a physical pain. Maybe the opposite is true, that you take risks that can put you in harms way on purpose, or you take on so much personal responsibility that you are unable to ask for help as you feel your independence would be questioned.

Are you struggling to be upright in this life? Do have integrity, do you feel grounded and secure enough to move forward in your life. If you do that is great, you are in balance in this area and are keeping the qi moving in a healthy and vital flow.  If you do not have these things and are in need of change, need of being free of pain and finding your foothold in life perhaps you need to address some imbalances that you are experiencing.  We are always here, whatever your needs may be, to help you envision and create a better life for yourself.