Getting Yourself “Unstuck”

handsThese are interesting times we live in. So much is happening in the world and it is made smaller by instant communication and technology where we can see “live” events as they are happening almost anywhere in the world. This ability for ‘instant news’ feeds into the mentality that we should be able to get what we want, when we want it, and that it should come in exactly the form we want it to. One name for this phenomenon is the Mc Donald’s mentality.

Most change in our personal lives doesn’t usually happen like this, and so we resist making the needed adjustments to our lives that would make all the difference in the world in our personal happiness. Many resist change, feeling that the known rut they are in is at least familiar. The one thing about life is that it will allow that only so long, and then things move in unimaginable ways to shake things up and force change into the picture of our lives. We forget, or perhaps are not familiar with the knowledge that all change is for our highest good, even if we make a move that might be regarded as a mistake- all change is used for our ultimate highest good.

At this time, change is being sought by large numbers of people, and it is also being forced upon the rest of humanity. It is a time when we are being forced to face the issues that we have long been avoiding. Now is the time to take a deep look at the things that pop up repeatedly. There are lessons for us to learn everywhere. What is coming at you? Are you one who is avoiding the necessary change in your life, or are you one who is feeling the need for change in your life right now? If we remain stuck too long, life will start to force the issue and make room for the change that is needed for you to continue to grow and live out your life purpose. By the time this becomes necessary, however, the change that pops up might be harder than it needed to be if we had listened in the first place! Suffering is resisting what is. Is this where you are at in your life right now? Resisting?

On the other hand, it is exciting to see so maunstuckny men and women actively seeking to change their lives right now! They are tired of the days of repetitive motions and actions that have gotten them no further along in their lives, and may have actually been getting them nowhere fast. This action of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is one definition of insanity. Many are sick of the race that leads to nowhere, and are now actively seeking a solution and a new way of making a life beyond their wildest dreams, healing the past and making way for an incredible future.

It is far easier than one might think.

Once on this new path, life becomes easier and more joyful than you have thought possible. The first step is the awareness that you are not where you want to be in your life. Many have the thought that by now in their life things would be different than they are. For so many their current relationship or marriage is totally wrong for them, or never should have taken place to begin with. Misery has become commonplace and life is hell by consent to equally punishing each other on a regular basis. This is truly no way to live! Life is far too short to be living in such a way as to feel defeated daily or just surviving each day!

For others it may be depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, disorders, or just a feeling that life is passing them by in a series of meaningless and painful succession of days without a real passion for life anymore. There are so many whose lives have become empty, filled with pain, or trapped within marriages and relationships, or jobs that are a living nightmare.

Oriah Mountain Dreamer says it so well in her book The Invitation:

Once you recognize within yourself a hunger for something beyond just continuing, once you taste even the possibility of touching the meaning in your life you can never be completely content with just going through the motions.

To really live means so much more!!

So, how then, does one get unstuck? For some, getting unstuck may mean divorce or the dissolution of a relationship. This may be something they or their partner have initiated. For some it may come in the shape of leaving their job, or having been fired. Some will find the beginning of this journey was a forced issue rather than a choice, but they are now on a journey that catapults them into change in their lives. (Remember that all change is good, as is true of everything being used for our highest good.) For others, this is a journey that they are seeking for themselves.

How can you get “unstuck”?

There are some very simple things you can do, such as driving a different way to work or when doing errands. Try learning more about mind/body/spirit techniques that can help you attain greater health and balance. Try some exercise that you have been putting off. Make some time each day in your schedule just for you, and ask yourself ‘what one thing can I do for myself right now that will make me feel better?’ Then do it! Learn how to meditate, do qi gong or yoga. Do simple things for yourself that make your life better. Doing small things over time greatly changes your life in ways that really make a difference, and ways that matter.

Try looking at things in a different way. Reading The Four Agreements will help you in ways you never thought possible. Looking at things from a different perspective is always a good thing. Try thinking outside the box and do something that you have never done before. What is on your bucket list? What have you never done but have always wanted to try? What is stopping you? If not now, when? If we waited for the ‘right’ time to do anything in life, all we would ever be doing is waiting (which is exactly what some people are doing every day). Grab every moment of life for all the gusto that you can fill it with! Life is for LIVING. What is holding you back from experiencing all that you can?

If there are issues that have been coming up over and over again in your life, it may be time to face them, and if need be, seek help. There are many places to go for this. One thing for certain is that if we don’t face an issue, it will keep coming at us in different forms until we HAVE to deal with it. The sooner we learn this and face things head on, the easier and more fun our lives become. Awareness and discernment play important roles in this process. When we become aware of something, a habit, for instance that we want to change, and consciously focus on changing it as it comes up, and the more aware we are, the easier it becomes to change not only that habit, but others. Let’s take the habit of negative thought patterns. The more you become aware of these intrusions and consciously stop them, the easier it is to change that habit altogether. I teach thought stopping as a means to end this negative pattern. This then can easily be transferred to other habits or domestications that have been in your life that you would like to get rid of.

All change begins with a single step. Getting unstuck begins with a single forward movement. It feels wonderful, and your life will never be the same!

If you feel you would like help in this process, please call and make an appointment. Guided imagery therapy is the number one integrated medical modality internationally. Let it help you! So would the Life Coaching or the Spiritual Coaching. We would be honored to help you!