Finding Your Tribe

The moment we are born into our family of origin, we experience being a member of our first “Tribe”.  That sense of belonging is something we continue to long for and search for throughout our journey on earth.  It runs deep, as we were created for connection.  Because of that innate need we will always find ourselves seeking a deeper connection outside ourselves. Whether we find healthy tribes or not is shaped in great part by our past experiences within the Tribes we have belonged to.

Our Tribes

The groups we connect to will ultimately change as we journey through life, but the soulful desire remains much the same.  A few of our tribes will stay with us our entire lifetime, yet if we continue to expand our horizons and grow, we will find ourselves at a place where locating our new tribe will be important. (It’s true- we do sometimes outgrow people or groups throughout our lifetime. This is natural and a part of life.) Whether this comes through a journey of growth or a relocation in residence, it can be a challenging time. Growth and change can be scary for many, as well as stressful.

When going through such a time, how can we find our new tribe?

Finding Your New Tribe

It helps to know yourself well, which proves to be interesting if you are going through a lot of changes.  Because we are living longer than our ancestors did, we can reinvent ourselves several times during our lifetime.  It is inevitable that our values and beliefs may change too. Some basic questions to think about while finding a new tribe might include:

  • Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
  • Are you someone who would prefer deep conversations with one on one time, or someone who feels more energized in a room full of people having less intimate or more generalized conversations?
  • What physical activities do you enjoy?
  • Do you enjoy doing things in nature?
  • Would a reading group or club interest you?
  • Do you find learning about spirituality in new ways pulling at you?
  • Is there a new art form or hobby that you would like to learn more about and explore?
  • Have you always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument?
  • Does travel intrigue you?
  • Do you enjoy playing board games, and socializing?
  • Are museums more your style?
  • How about birdwatching?
  • How about improving your lifestyle and health?
  • Is there something you’d like to take a class on and learn more about? Something you’ve always wanted to learn?

Whatever your interests or the direction you’d like to take your new endeavors in, there are more like-minded individuals out there than you might think.  In most larger cities there are meetup groups for things you may not have even thought of. Though the first step may feel like a huge leap, being courageous carries huge rewards.

New Directions

Another way to meet new people and find your tribe may be through current friends of acquaintances.  One woman tried all sorts of things and then decided to be brave and hold a retreat that spoke to her soul. She put it on her website, and women from all over the country responded. She was pleasantly shocked and looked forward to the experience.  It turned out to be such an incredible connection for all of them, that they decided to meet every year, and have done so for many years now.  They continue to keep in touch during the year too. So, in your search for your tribe, if you aren’t seeing what you’re interested in and would like to attend, create it!  Chances are there are others who are seeking the same connections you are!

We’d like to help you, and also increase the experiences of belonging to a Tribe.  Every month we will be hosting a gathering in a series we are calling “The Art of….”  Each month will cover a different topic, all of them about YOU.  Think of it as a year of pampering and exploring all things YOU!  Register here.  Topics will change monthly. We hope to see you there!