Face Reading for Candidates, Part 5

This is the final list of candidates to look at a few elements of character they present. Some may come as a surprise, others may just be an affirmation of what you have been seeing. Please remember, as I have mentioned in each of readings that there is way more to the face than is being revealed in a couple of paragraphs. There are no judgements being applied, just observations. The overall picture is to perhaps help you take away a tip or two to apply to people in your own life and learn a little more about them.

Donald Trump

I think we can all agree that Mr. Trump has an unhealthy sheen to his face. Couple that with his flat eyes, and by that I mean the lack of sparkle and warmth, he doesn’t really present with a welcoming exterior that invites you in. This reflects a lack of a nurtured soul. The puffiness under his eyes add to the markings that his health is not optimal. He has extremely deep skepticism lines arched over both eyebrows confirming that it is more a state of being for him than an experience he has. The short parallel lines atop his nose next to his eyebrows are frustration lines. This fits his personality that we have seen in his media coverage.

The downturned lines of his mouth reflect disappointment, and the sharp corners of his eyes reflect a sharp tongue that can intentionally be used to cut with. None of this is news to anyone I don’t imagine. Trump’s eyebrows, if you’ll notice are actually pretty thick and wiry. The thickness indicates a level of yang energy that drives someone. If you couple that with the frustration lines, it can also indicate someone with a strong temper. Again, I think we can agree that some of these observations fit what we have seen in action.

Elizabeth Warren

Mrs. Warren has a few refined features such as her eyebrows. The slight curve shows that someone that has the ability to work well with difficult people which makes them peacemakers. Her prominent cheeks and thin jaw line indicate a fire personality underneath which is good energy to have to get things done and make movement. Her philtrum (the space under her nose) is well defined and strong toward the top lip which shows good stamina and creativity as she ages.

If you catch a picture of her not smiling she does have a downturn at the edge of her lips, indicating she has experienced some disappointment in life. In addition she has some beautifully balanced lines up and down at the edge of eyes which indicate a life well lived of emotional ups and downs. Finally, her strong chin is an indicator of good willpower.

Bill Weld

Mr. Weld has what is considered small eyes, they indicate a need for privacy and keeping emotions close. The hooded element of his eyelids show his ability to be a fair and objective person. The downturn of the eyebrows can indicate someone who has high standards for themselves. The line across his chin is a transition indicator. It usually shows up around retirement indicating the need for a shift of energy from the current path to a new one that requires less energy or moving creativity into a different direction.

Mr. Weld has a lot of emotional markers on his face that relate more to his personal experiences and say a lot about his emotions.

Marianne Williamson

Ms. Williamson has extremely wideset eyes which is a sign of being able to see the bigger picture. Of all the candidates she seems to have the widest perspective on big issue items. She has almond eyes which come with a strong ability to use common sense and analyze emotions before sharing them.

She has some bags under which show that her energy is being depleted and she needs to conserve how she spends some of her time. The decision making area of her face shows the ability to meld knowledge and emotion. In addition, she has a high forehead which shows a creative intellect.

Andrew Yang

It’s fair to say that Mr. Yang has a rounded face. A round face shape makes someone look like a trustworthy person, open and easy to be around. The mixture of larger and smaller features on his face show a balance of both ambition and an easy going nature.

Mr. Yang has a well-defined and strong philtrum showing that he will have a good amount of sustained energy throughout his life and well into old age. His wideset eyes show a “bigger picture” view of the world and he doesn’t necessarily get bogged down in details, he can see the intricacy of policy, behaviors, and experiences. He has a nice strong brow bone and eyebrows which show a strength of creating new projects, ideas, and moving forward in perseverance with a drive to get things done.

One of the characteristics Mr. Yang carries that I like is a downturn to his eyes. This trait shows a good hearted person, one who is empathetic to the emotions of others. Empathy has not been a strong trait in many of the candidates that we have seen in this race, and is one that provides many gifts. I like how it pairs with is decision making area. The area from the tip of his nose to the bottom of his chin is longer than the other 2 areas that would constitute how one makes decisions. This area indicates an ability to take emotions and intellect and weave them into a decision. A strength we could use at a time when there is much fear in the world, and we could use a balance of understanding, empathy, and wisdom.

Thank you for taking the time to read a little more about face reading. If you are interested in learning what face reading can do for you please let us know.