Face Reading for Candidates, Part 4

man holding a "register early to vote" signAs we continue our face reading series you may be seeing some repetitive characteristics in the candidates. This can be for a couple reasons, one is that it does take a certain type of person to want to hold the office of President. The other is that some things I am purposely choosing to reiterate so that you can have some points to take with and apply to others you interact with and repetition is a good way to learn.

Each person’s description is just a simple observation of a few characteristics and not a whole picture of everything their face puts forward about their character or personality. As a whole face reading can give an in depth view of struggles, tribulations, experiences, and how we interact with the world whether we are currently aware of those things in ourselves or not. There is never judgement associated with it and speaks a lot to our humanity and how we make our way through.

Please enjoy the few tidbits presented.

 Wayne Messam:

As with Cory Booker, Mr. Messam’s smooth head indicates he has an abundance of Yang energy. This provides someone with a lot of energy to put out in the world: to do things, accomplish things, move things, and get things done. This also opens up the forehead indicating a level of intellectual thinking and decision making. It shows fire energy, which provides someone with a lot of passion towards things they care about. In conjunction with a wide nose, it adds an extra element of stamina to carry the energy.

The narrowness of his left eye shows that he is an internally discerning person. Then he has a fullness to his upper lip, which show his ability to communicate his feelings. Together these characteristics paint a picture of Mr. Messam as  someone who can intellectually and emotionally process an experience and express himself fully about it.

Seth Moulton:

I would qualify Mr. Moulton’s face shape as fairly rectangular, his temples and his jaw both fairly the same width. Some qualities of a rectangular face shape are that the people the ability to see the long haul and are idealistic in their thinking. They are good leaders, act quickly and confidently after making a decision, and can be inspiring and helpful to others. The expansive forehead also reflects the ability to think freely and appreciate intellect and ideas.

Mr. Moulton’s eyes are inset from his brow. When eyes are set further back it is usually a sign of someone who may have introverted qualities. Only meaning, he needs some alone time to recharge, it doesn’t mean he isn’t social.

Beto O’Rourke:

Mr. O’Rourke’s defining features seem to be his face shape and the thinness of his nose. He has very triangular shape which indicates a person with strong focus and large mental capacity, someone who likes learning and is good about putting their thoughts out in an organized manner. This face shape can also be interested in outside the box ideas and be passionate in their pursuit. However, they can tend to be critical of others in the process. The boniness of his nose also amplifies the trait of the pursuit of ideals or causes he cares about, and says that he will work hard to see them through.

His thick, downturned eyebrows imply that he has a strong drive, however a slower pace. Thick eyebrows without the downturn could indicate that someone will plow through things. However, the angle of the his eyebrows show that he moves at a more moderate to slow pace in life which can be a good balance to the drive.

Tim Ryan:

Mr. Ryan hasa strong browbone and long eyebrows, signs that he has the ability to nourish long term relationships and friendships as well as be in a leadership role. He has a couple of traits that show some energy deficiency, which are the bags under his eyes, and the narrow bridge of his nose. In regard to his nose, his nostrils are somewhat small which shows his propensity to be cautious with finances and evaluate options before spending.

Mr. Ryan looks to keep his emotions and feelings more internal rather than sharing them, this is seen in his thin lips, and the downturn of his nose. However, he still utilizes them in conjunction with reasoning to come to conclusions and decisions. In addition, he has wideset eyes which allows him to see the bigger picture when it comes to utilizing information to make choices.

 Bernie Sanders:

Because of Mr. Sanders age, we see a lot more experience etched on his face than on many of the other candidates. One of the lines you may notice right away is the horizontal line running across his chin. This line does have a tendency to show up on people, particularly in the 60’s, as an indicator that they need to make a change in their lives. One way to look at it, is that they need to find another way to expend their energy and talent that isn’t as taxing on them as the path they are currently on. The other prominent lines on Mr. Sanders are the angled lines off his eyebrows, indicating that he carries with him a great amount of knowledge and wisdom that can be of benefit to others.

He has a dimple on the bottom of his chin, you may notice this in people in your lives as well who like attention, they don’t shy away from the public eye or being noticed. He has a tall forehead which is a quality of thinkers and people who like to formulate new concepts.

If you are interested in hearing about more candidates Part 5 will cover: Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Bill Weld, Marianne Williamson, and Andrew Yang. You can also see the previous blogs on our blog page. Feel free to check out our Face Reading Services page to find out more about what this service can do for you, and if you feel it is something that would benefit you we’d love to hear from you.

Photo by annie bolin on Unsplash