Face Reading for Candidates Part 3

empty seats at long table with microphonesOnce again I would like to remind the reader that I am only conveying some aspects of personality and character that show in Face Reading. In order to do so, I have sifted through multiple images of each candidate to try and see the consistent markings and shapes of things that are not distorted by speech, reactive faces, smiling, makeup, anything that would affect the lines that are already etched there. I am doing my best to be impartial and just share a bit of information that may be above and beyond what you have already gleaned for yourself. In the midst of this, if you were to take some of the information and apply it to people you know and learn a little bit more about them, that would be ok too.


Tulsi Gabbard:

Ms. Gabbard has an overall face shape that indicates she may have high standards on how things should be done, as well as have a passion for getting things accomplished. She will support those who help her, however her face shape indicates she might be a bit temperamental at times.

The pointedness of her chin indicates someone who could be indecisive once in a while. However, it is balanced out by the strength and squareness of her jaw, coupled with strong brow bone and eyebrows which indicate someone who likes to be in charge and has strong principles in which she believes. If she acts off these principles decision making will be much easier for her.

Ms. Gabbard has a long wide philtrum, which is the indentation between the lips and the nose. This feature is indicative of a lot of creative energy and longevity. If utilized along with her drive and passion for getting things done, along with a little freedom, she has the potential to find alternative ways to problem solve and find resolution to difficult issues. The challenge being in how well she manages to work with others to do so.

Kristin Gillibrand:

Ms. Gillibrand has more fine features than many of the other candidates in the campaign circuit. Which also provides a more symmetrical look to her features. This symmetry and face shape indicates a metal personality which would mean she can be highly impacted by external stimuli. Depending on how she deals with the input would impact the benefit of this ability. The positive attributes to that is she can be highly sensitive to how entwined and complicated issues can be and how it impacts everyone, which is reflective of seeing the bigger picture in a very clear manner (think global). However, the opposing side to that is it can also be overwhelming to have insight to all that information and what to do with it.  She has a somewhat delicate quality to her nose, meaning it’s not bony, large, or fleshy and that says she values ideals over material things. Because her right eye is more wide open than her left, which is her public side versus her private side, she may come across as a little closed off. Yet, internally she is much more open and willing to see things than she lets on initially.

Overall, her features together show someone that is capable of dealing with emotions which we know highly impact how we deal with stress. Ms. Gillibrand looks like she can handle stress well. She also doesn’t necessarily come across as someone who cares to be in the spotlight, and would likely enjoy sharing success that are accomplished along with others versus just herself.

Kamala Harris:

To me Ms. Harris seems to have a combination of overall fire and wood energy. The fire I see in the cheekbones, somewhat dimpled feature of her smile, and the more pointed corners of her eyes and mouth. The wood shows in the shape of her face as it’s much more squared off. The combination is those things show someone who likes to get things done and has the energy to do it.  The fire feeds the wood, so I would assume she is a go getter in all things. Although that combination can be volatile, she has another element that would subdue it a bit and that is her thin eyebrows and mild brow bone. Because those elements are not as prominent I would conclude that she can follow through without burning herself out. In addition, she has a wide bridge to her nose which is a sign of stamina. Therefore, she presents with many factors showing she is determined and energetic when it comes to taking action and making things come to fruition.

She has a fairly high forehead, indicating that she is intellectual and likes to think through things. The spacing on her face for decision making shows that she is capable of taking the logical and reasoning aspect of things as well the emotion of things into consideration when making choices.

John Hinckenlooper:

Mr. Hinckenlooper has an overall pale look just about every picture I have seen of him. This normally indicates a general qi deficiency, which would translate into a possible lack of energy, or getting tired over the long run by continuing to expend energy doing things. To back this up he also has bags under his eyes which reflect a deficiency of energy as well a small horizontal line between his eyebrows. This line indicates that the body can have trouble with blood sugar issues or regulating the food that is taken in, so dietary consideration are important for people that have this line when it comes to maintaining energy. The bridge of his nose is also smaller which indicates less physical stamina, so people with a smaller bridge would need to be more cautious about how they utilize and conserve their energy.

His forehead is both wide and high showing he values intellect and is extremely thorough when working through problems with reason and logic. It would seem he may place the most value on those things in his decision making process. His hairline indicates he has some innate wisdom as well so would utilize information and seek it out to clearly base his choices off of.

Jay Inslee:

Like Mr. Hinckenlooper, Mr. Inslee has that large thinking forehead and the heavy indication of utilizing logic and reasoning over other factors.  He also has areas though, that show he has experienced or allowed for  more emotion in his life.

Mr. Inslee has a little more heavily lined areas around his eyes. This would indicate that he had some heavy life lessons going on through his 30’s, of which we can hope he learned gleaned some wisdom about life through. There are lines that indicate specific years of experiences, as well as lines that show joy and sorrow. What’s really interesting is that he also has some arched lines above his eyebrows. These lines show that he questions a lot of things, anyone with these lines probably has a lifetime of being a skeptic. They can be extremely powerful for finding the truth, however they can also present challenges in accepting the truth as well.

Amy Klobuchar:

Ms. Klobuchar’s nose tells a lot about her. The length indicates ambition and a willingness to put in the hard work to achieve her goals. The curvature, downturn of the tip, and the size of her nostrils paint a story of someone who is extremely smart with money and also has an intuitive sense about people’s motives. The angle of her eyebrows and location above her eyes seem to show someone who has personal pride, as well as very action oriented.

Ms. Klobuchar does not have the stamina of Ms. Harris, and their energy and drive differ. Kobuchar’s action seems driven by personal achievement, while Harris is driven by a fire to create something new, create change, and movement with a purpose outside of personal goals. Due to her face shape, which I would say is fairly square, Klobuchar makes up for perhaps not having all the drive with the ability to know her own boundaries of what she is capable of. The square face shape also brings with an element of adhering to a strong set of principles, along with an attitude of “I’ve got this”, which can bring about a sense of security in others.

I hope you are seeing the strengths of each candidate in a new light, and perhaps even some of their struggles. I say that with no judgement, only in the hopes that we see each other as human and that everyone has something different to bring to the table.

If you are interested in hearing about more candidates Part 4 will cover: Wayne Messam, Seth Moulton, Beto O’Rourke, Tim Ryan, and Bernie Sanders. You can also see the previous blogs on our blog page. Feel free to check out our Face Reading Services page to find out more about what this service can do for you, and if you feel it is something that would benefit you we’d love to hear from you.