Face Reading for Candidates Part 2

adult and child hand putting an envelope in a slotAs a continuation of our Face Reading series for candidates you can hopefully learn a few things to take with you in order to help read others in your own life. Please remember these are simply observations, not judgements being made toward the individuals. Face Reading takes into account all features and lines on the face to paint the most comprehensive picture of someone. The following information is just a glimpse into some personality and characteristics of each candidate.

Steve Bullock:

Mr. Bullock has some interesting lines that traverse his forehead from his eyebrows angling up. These lines are referred to as wisdom lines, meaning he has had some life experiences he has learned deeply from. There is a difference between going through something and going through something and learning from it. Wisdom comes from transcending life lessons and applying the knowledge meaningfully in life.

He has an element of being open and approachable due to the wider look of his right eye, yet discerning internally with the information he gleans. His hairline indicates a level of creativity and a positive relationship with emotions. Which, emotional intelligence has been shown to enhance leadership skills and teamwork. Mr. Bullock has other features as well that indicate this is a strength for him.

Finally, he has a fairly strong chin which can be an indicator of a strong will.

Pete Buttigieg:

As one of the youngest runners on the democratic  ticket, Mr. Buttigieg doesn’t have as many lines to read, however his face is still full of information.

The shape at the tip of his nose shows that he is probably pretty sensible when it comes to financial decisions, and the upturn eludes to the idea that he is also a very grateful person.

From the shape of his hairline, Mr. Buttigieg shows a strength in problem solving from a sometimes creative way. Another strength of his is reflected in the lines coming off around from his nose around his mouth. These lines tend to show up later in life, so I would say he is fairly young to have them. Their meaning is that he is living his purpose and he is fully engaged in doing his best. Couple that with the arch of his eyebrows and it shows that he is extremely capable of getting things done, particularly if he’s passionate about them.

Julian Castro:

Mr. Castro’s tall forehead and face shape reveal someone who thinks through things before making a decision, although that doesn’t mean he would be slow to respond, or react. It tells of someone who is an expansive thinker and can look beyond the needs of the moment to the goals of the future. The face shape also speaks to his ability to manage and help others meet and achieve their goals. This bodes well in the face of teamwork.

The eyes are a very telling feature of people as well, the shape of Mr. Castro’s eyes express his ability to discern input coming in, analyze it and reason out how to best express himself. This may be a combination of logic and feeling, and people with this trait are simply able to express how they feel with a control of their emotions that might escape others. In addition he has very strong brows which convey a strong drive of getting things done, as well as, creating things.

Bill de Blaseo:

Let’s start with Mr de Blaseo’s chin, the squareness of it indicates that he is a practical person who has emotional fortitude. This could translate into someone who can “suck up” or push through the emotional stressors life throws at them without getting derailed.

The downturn of his mouth shows that he has experienced some disappoint in life. Then the end of his nose shows someone who likes to know the “why” of an issue and to really find the root of a problem. His decision making abilities indicate he can use both logical thinking and feelings to process decisions, which would be of immense help for problem solving as well.

John Delaney:

Mr. Delaney has a lot of yang energy, which indicates drive and movement to get things done. This is seen in the presentation of baldness as well as the redness in his hair, and sharp corners on his mouth and eyes. The shape of his eyebrows balance that out a little bit thought and show he can be very thorough before making a decision and not just plow right through things. If you see a picture of him not smiling he also has a downturned mouth indicating he has experienced some disappointment in life as well.

Although some of the other candidates also have horizontal lines across their foreheads, Mr. Delaney’s are notable for a couple of reasons. They tend to stand out a little more no matter what face he is making, and they all form unbroken lines (from what I can see). The forehead is an indicator of the decade of your 20’s. When lines in any area of the face are more pronounced it can mean the experience of that time was of greater importance. When lines are continuous, it means that lessons during that time frame were completed and learned in life. If the lines are broken it usually means that even though the lesson or experience was profound that the point of it was missed to be relived later in life until it is learned. Mr. Delaney appears to have had some profound learning experiences in his 20’s which he mastered to take the lessons with him throughout life.

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Tune in next week when we look at: Tulsi Gabbard, Kirstin Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, John Hickenlooper, and Jay Inslee.